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Bleep and Critics

Part A: Quantum Physics in What the Bleep Do We Know?

What the Bleep Do We Know (2012) is a paroscientific film, which combines a documentary style interview and computer graphics to show relationship between quantum physics and human consciousness. There are incredible numbers of phenomena that can turn over our lives. This film reveals the theme of quantum particles of matter and energy and shows how little people know in reality.

The film explains that the things in the world are created not from the materials or resources, but from ideas. Remarkably, our mind might draw an illustration that people can move in time. However, according to the quantum theory, one could always turn time back. As a proof of this statement, the scene of an explicative scene on basketball court occurs. Imagine that one does not look at a basketball play, then it appears as a wave of opportunities, but when one does – there are particles. By doing this, they cause a wave expansion of particles into a one of possible positions where they could exist coincidently. In a process of looking at one direction, a particle moves to one of the these positions. Because of this, a particle could be in two or more locations at same time. It is the most vivid characteristic of a quantum world.

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The theories in the movie face criticism from a scientific community. It is believed that the actual premises of the film are pseudoscientific and did not have sufficient grounds. During the most bitter disputes, the critics highlighted several weak moments:

  • the impact on consciousness and molecules of water
  • the statement of the impact of meditation classes on a level of crime
  • the argument that quantum physics posits consciousness as the basis of everything
  • the effect of observer’s experience shows itself seriously only on small particles; a macroscopic scale makes this influence measurable

To conclude, What the Bleep Do We Know depicts an everyday reality from the other angle. It questions who is responsible for everything that is happening. The interpretations of the film could differ, but still it is important to realize that nothing in the world does exist by itself. Everything is linked at the energy level.

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Part B: Critics of Genuine Screen Art

Screen art (cinema, television, video, etc.) acquires particular importance in dealing with education and training challenges today. Nowadays, people perceive the transformation of culture, a rapid development of electronic technologies, and a creation of training programs with the help of multimedia technologies in the media. For this reason, there are many critics’ discussions regarding the stages in genuine screen art development today.   

The biggest rise in the perception of the screen images occurred during the transition from film to television. More and more critics describe the relationship between television and computer systems as diffuse. In the modern film industry, there are popular films that bring a high income. From this perspective, it is considered as a quite profitable business today. For this reason, it often appears that art findings do not have a deep sense, show sincere feelings, and involve customers in a process. Therefore, according to Erica Balsom (n.d.), the major studios accept the fact that they manage to return their investments due to the DVD sales, but not from the theatrical exhibition. Such changes modified the basic requirements to the art in general. In the modern world, studios attract an audience’s attention with the special effects.

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Moreover, the top rated films receive their awards thanks to the sex propaganda, alcohol, drugs, and tobacco promotion. They simply popularize stupidity, violence, and immorality. Such propaganda pursues a specific goal to destroy moral values of the modern society. As a result, such kind of screen art should be carefully selected by the adults before their children can watch it. Otherwise, it could be harmful to the future of an individual and community he lives in.

Susan Sontag (1996) in her article describes that there is a constant conflict between cinema as art and cinema as an industry. Since 1970s Hollywood had been plagiarizing and rendering marginal independent American films. In 1980s, because of the rising of production costs, the quality of movies deteriorated. The corporations started to focus on the profit rather than actors’ performance. In time, screen art revolutionized and let technology kill traditional cinematography. In spite of  the development in the cinema field, there are still many people, who love to visit movie theatres because of their passion that requires films to be unique and have a brilliant narration.

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Additionally, there is a problem that people do not have to watch movies in theaters now. For a viewer, it is easier to wait for the film screening on the cable channels than to visit a premiere to watch it a few months earlier.

All the listed facts influence the audience and their access to the vast number of films. For these reasons, the number of modern screen art critics is increasing rapidly. Of course,  They do have right to choose which movie is worth watching, but the fact that screen art depends on modern technologies remains. It proves the conformity of screen art to the tastes of modern spectators.

In order to increase the performing level of screen art, it is necessary to pay attention to the several aspects. First, it is important to nourish an individual’s audiovisual culture from the school age. Second, people should use effective educational potential of the audiovisual environment to boost the interest in good movies. In addition, it is vital to work on in-depth consideration of screen arts in the education process, and to increase requirements for the teaching of art in schools.

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To sum up, today, many critics claim the decay of genuine screen arts. Numerous factors have left imprint on the development of it. Considering mentioned above, everyone has a right to their opinion, but the fact remains that screen art depends on modern technologies.

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