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Operations and Supply Chain Analysis

Ice Cream Manufacturing

Ice cream is a product that has a constant market. This explains why it is my preferred commodity of manufacture as the business will promise a continued flow of activity provided that all the essential factors of its manufacture and supply are taken into consideration. Ice cream is manufactured using dairy products such as butter and milk. Notably, various flavors of ice cream abound, and they result in the type of natural and artificial flavors that are included in the recipe. Some flavors of ice cream comprise of additives such as food coloring and other sweeteners, which make them distinct from the ordinary ice cream. In this context, the company is focused on making strawberry ice cream, which only requires sugar and strawberry as the additives. This will give the ice cream a strawberry taste. However, other raw materials and instruments for manufacturing ice cream will be essential and will be explicated below. Additionally, the location of the ice cream plant is critical and will be discussed as well.

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Thus, this essay avails instructions of how the ice cream is designed, raw materials needed, processes entailed, breakeven analysis, how the quality of the product will be ensured and the production planning and control. The ice cream product will be known as Moo Ice Cream.

Product Design

Rectangle tins will be necessary for the ice cream packaging. It should be noted that the rectangle tin comes with a cover as above right that is used for covering the tin after the ice cream is filled in the tins. The purpose of the tin and the cover is to facilitate the preservation of the ice cream. It shields the ice cream from any contamination. A hundred pieces of the tin will be required for testing the market reception of the new product. Each tin retails at a dollar; thus, the total amount for the tins will be $10. The tins will be 50 ml each.

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Milk is a necessity in the process of making ice cream. Thus, 200 liters of milk will be purchased from farmers. 200 liters of milk will retail for $50 because each liter retails at $0.25.

Sugar is used to add taste to the ice cream. Since the product in question will be required to serve different people with different tastes, then not many kilograms of sugar will be required. For starters, only 3 kilograms of sugar will be required and the total amount will be $8. It should be noted that some people in the market might require sugar free ice cream, which means not all the ice cream will contain sugar. Salt is also essential, but not much of it is needed. 10 grams of salt will be sufficient, and it retails at $2.

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Strawberry flavoring is essential. Thus, it will be required for seasoning the ice cream in order to change the color and create a distinctive taste for the ice cream (Marshall, Goff and Hartel 7). The strawberry flavoring adds a red/ maroon color to the ice cream, which makes it more attractive to the customers. 30 ml of strawberry will be required, and it retails at $6.

Butter for solidifying the ice cream is also essential. Thus, in this context, 60 liters of ice cream will be required and it should be noted that the total cost will be $80 dollars.

Product Process

This is a critical stage, and it entails a manufacturer deciding on the best place where his/her plant should be located. In this case, the production plant will be located at a place where ranches abound for easier access of the main raw material, which is milk (Conners and Conners 317). It should be noted that people living in ranches stock cattle for producing milk, which means that the milk will be cheap and available throughout the year (Conners and Conners 317). 

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