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Routes and Roots

The existence is a process of constant movement and change. Everything is involved in this activity beginning with atoms and ending with galaxies. Thought, the motion cannot occurs without a starting point. Without the diverse-dependence, the firmness will be motionless and dead, on the contrary, the movement will not be able to start. Moreover, the “roots” can represent the steadiness, reveal the matter and the “routes” possess the features of motion or spirit. The examples of connection and beneficial dependence can be observed everywhere. Thus, the process of a plant growth starts in the motionless soil, the physical strength revives after the period of rest and peace. The beginning of something can be started with the end of something.

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In Jack Kerouac’ novels TheDhatmaBums and OntheRoad, the two basic principles of diversity are permanently connected on the basis of Buddhism. Therefore, the “roots” can be examined as darkness and emptiness, in comparison of the “routes” which may refer to the revival and enlightenment. The superior point of a believer’s spiritual way combines these two oppositions. These characteristics unite and exist together maintaining own unique nature, serving as base to each other.

The principle of the “routes” corresponds to the essence of life, permanent motion and eternity. The protagonist feels that he has “all the time in the world from life to life to do what is to do, to do what is done, to do the timeless doing” (Kerouac). Likewise, the author connects the ability to feel eternity in this constant movement and the sense of freedom when there is no difference between a person and anything else (Kerouac).

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The novel TheDharmaBumsis the manifestation of an independent mind, adventure style of living of the youth with strong individuality who seek new horizons. The feature of constant movement reveals in the “bum” term. The Buddhism definition of dharma is the spiritual way that includes entire process of an individual’s life. Thus, these young men refuse “to subscribe to the general demand that they consume production and there have to work for the privilege of consuming” (Kerouac). In that case, they defy the way of their parents’ life. The “roots” are depicted in the novel as the steadiness of the consumer’s behaviour and thinking that the youths are so unwilling to possess. Despite this critique of the old order and stability, there will be no stimulus to the appearance of this new independent and unpredictable movement. Here again these contrast processes combine and give the commencement to each other.

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The “routes” in the connection with the existential principle of movement can attract with the sense of freedom, independence and absence of predictability. Likewise, the motion gives the ability of development which becomes the other universal trace of existence. The principle of “roots” corresponds to the occurrence of the steady platform. The possession of such qualities as firmness, predictability and inertness can be the powerful resource of energy for further development.

Without connection each of the category may possess the negative traces. Thus, the “routes” with its everlasting motion and progress cannot produce any stable result, or object which can be used. As for the principle of the “roots”, its motionless and inactivity is not able to produce anything without being activated. Hence, these two elements help to fulfil the best characteristics then they are connected.

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Taking everything into account, the terms “routes” and “roots” can be defined through the existential categories of permanent movement and steadiness accordingly. The firmness from which the movement will gain its velocity has to possess cessation and stability. Consequently, these two opposite characteristics of the existence are mutually connected. Moreover, without this dependence, the “routes” possess the negative instability, and the “roots” reveals the negative passivity.

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