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Self and Team Analysis

Self analysis consists of the analysis, discussion and critics of my individual behaviors as matters to do with the team work are concerned. In this paper I will discuss both my behaviour towards the team and also the general team behaviour and performances. This will include the communication, leadership and motivational characters of an individual. One of the activity carried out as a team is to visit and interview the manager of Sunglass Hut. This interview was aimed to at knowing motivation, leadership and communication be affected a managers systems of management. During this time various activities were carried out by individuals and the group as a whole (Ezzamel et al, 1998).

Self analysis

During the visit to Sunglass Hut, I was just busy looking at the manager and admiring the workers. I was admiring how they were making the sunglasses and also the relationship between them. I had no notes taken or just a mere draft. After this I was not able to contribute during the writing of the days encounter. This opposed to the required behaviours of a team member. As a team member, during such interviews all members much gather required information efficiently. The information should be from different and reliable sources (Hoegl et al, 2001).

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After every findings, interview or field work, I attended group meetings. This meeting is meant to join hands with the other team workers. This is meant to collect the reports from the field. I was remembering the information I overheard from the manager. I had no written document or even a draft. This means that I was not having the team membership requirement that one should be able to analyze information collected a. the information should be well managed as well so that they can be neat (Xyrichis et al, 2008).  

While in the team I managed to make sound decisions from the information I read from books and other sources of references. I used to check for the negatives and positives sides of the decision I am about to make. If the decision is not that effective or if the negatives of the decision outweigh the positives, I would look for an alternative. The alternative should also favor all others in the team. The decision making can be a hard task as all other might differ with their opinions (Ezzamel et al, 1998).

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Persuasion is important issue of problem solving. Be it in the team or individual level, I first identified problem that is tabled. I managed to analyze the problem with the help of other team members. After this we looked for the best way of solving the problem. Before I could table the solution, I first of all looked at the side effects of this solution. Looked at my alternative and its side effects. This is when I decided on what to implement as the solutions. This case at times made us disagree with other members as they also had different opinions as the one I had. I had to convince the rest of the group members to agree with the decision tabled (Ezzamel et al, 1998).

I am always fully responsible for my doings. I have enough resources to use. Enough skills that I use to tackle my work and in the group. For example I was able to provide information which could help in the team decision making. These includes resources like textbooks etc. in the contrary I never had notes from the managers interview. This is a clear sign that at this point I was not self reliant (Hoegl et al, 2001).

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Self discipline should be practiced by individuals in a team work. I control my behaviour in order to achieve my goals. This means that I always get ways of getting motivated to work towards the set targets. Perseverance is also a habit that I displayed as I did not give up in case of any disruption. There is not even a single point that I missed the team meeting or even failure to submit any assignment to the team (Xyrichis et al, 2008).  

Even though I was used to the idea of doing things individually, I was wrong. Initiative is one of the best ways to work in a group. I should have initiated ideas of other to work towards making decisions for the team. This initiative is always geared towards bettering the team work. Opportunities should also be utilized if available. For example when there is time to discuss, it should be maximized for goal accomplishment (Hoegl et al, 2001).

Energy is also required for the success of a team. Individuals like me were required to work long hours, increase the speed of work in order to beat up time. I use to work late into the night trying to wind up the teams work. This included compiling the works of other group members and also correcting where need be. When we were about to go for the interview, individuals were to research on the possible questions. These are the questions which were to be included in the questionnaire to be used. I ensured that by the time of our next meeting, I had all the questions. This means that I am energetic enough to ensure completion of work in time.

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I managed to maintain high integrity in or outside the team. I provided accurate and full information that was needed by the group. Kept the secrets of the group and high confidentiality. I was loyal to the rules and regulations as much as possible. Maintained values and ethics in time of opposition and also while under pressure. Even though some occasions like when we went to the interview, I never adhere to the rule that each and every individual should be taking short notes which would be used during the compilation of the main report. This means that I was not fully loyal to the rules (Ezzamel et al, 1998).

In case of disappointments, rejection, set back or difficulties, I was persistent to what I wanted. This was applicable in a situation where I did something which was rejected by the group. I did not give up easily and this helped me in persuading people of my team to work things out my own way. For example in a situation where we wanted to choose the method of interviewing the Sunglass Hut manager. I suggested that we use oral questions while other wanted written questionnaires. I managed to persuade them after rejecting my suggestion. My argument was that written questionnaire was rigid and that answers are not elaborate as compared to oral questioning (Hoegl et al, 2001).

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Team evaluation

Team work incorporates many qualities and responsibilities to ensure its success. Our team work involved researching and searching for information before we made up a conclusion. The team used information from the interview of sunglass Hut manager to analyze the behaviour of the manager towards the employees. The team displayed the following characteristics and behaviours while working together.

In a team, team work is required. This is where everything is carried out as a group and not individually. When composing the questions to be used in interviewing the manager. We worked as a group as each individual researched but we chose the best ten to be used. In the compilation of the whole project, we divided the team into sub-groups which helped us in making the work easier. We are also able to coach and facilitate learning among ourselves. To some extent, some group members were difficult to deal with. They don’t like working with others. As a result we were forced to teach them the importance of working as a group. We always formulated objectives that the team worked towards achieving. Corporation was always upheld and communication was paramount to ensure team work (Hoegl et al, 2001).

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Decision-making and judgment is also another factor. In a team work we always worked as a group to make decisions. The individuals would submit their suggestions. The decisions were always made after discussing the suggestions. Seeing their side effects and settling for the best suggestion as the solution. Before finding the solutions, we always searched for the possible causes so that we see ways of preventing repetition. For example, we had no enough information from other people. We decided to punish whoever comes from the field minus a draft of notes from the field (Hoegl et al, 2001).

Communication in the team serves as a source of unity in the team. This can either be written or oral serves a team. Active listening, discussions, negotiations, presentation are some of examples of communication which were evident. Communications helps in realizing the weaknesses of individuals. These weaknesses can be corrected by others and problems can also be solved from this.

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Organization and planning skills should be evident in the team. We organized our team in small groups to make our work easier. I was appointed the team’s leader, with my secretary and the others followed. This showed that our team was organized. The sub groups also had their leaders who ensured that everything worked the right way. We planned our work in a manner that we ensured all the deadlines were met. Achieving goals was the bench mark for everyone in the team (Xyrichis et al, 2008).  

Flexibility and adaptability is also a factor to be considered. Members should be flexible to changes as they come. They should also be in a position to adapt to the changes as they come. For example we exchanged roles when we felt the need to. For example rotated the heads of the sub-groups frequently to ensure that everyone participated actively (Hoegl et al, 2001)..

The team displayed skilled of collecting, analyzing and managing information. We collected information from different resources and efficiently. We then analyzed or integrated the gathered information systematically. The information is then put in a logical manner, then trends and patterns are identified after it is processed. The information we gathered was presented, stored and finally maintained. For example after we had compiled the working from the fields, w organized, typed it and kept it as clean as possible (Hoegl et al, 2001).

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The spirit of teaching and mentoring others was evident. The team members acted as each other’s helper. They took keen note of each other’s movements and are always ready to correct mistakes. This helps in imparting knowledge, assessing training and learning needs. Discussions also help in achieving this. During discussions we achieved a lot by getting information from different people. There is some information which could not be understood by individuals. These were best tackled during discussions as we combined efforts.

There was some form of reliability among the members of the team. All the information required for the compilation of the report was available and in time. Another example is where we also submitted all our research for questions to be used in the interview. We also were always available when planning for our meetings. The critic is that whenever a meeting was set, there are individuals who were forced to attend. This was then made compulsory as failure to attend a meeting called for punishment (Xyrichis et al, 2008).











People are not born of the same behaviours. They tend to have different perceptions towards things. Strong ethics helps people to get united. They bind people despite their differences. Everyone in a team works to obey all the ethics of that team. Hard work and completing other projects in time is one way of achieving this. The work should be of high quality, high standards excellence and be ready to work without supervision.


From our discussion, team work plays a big role to people in a team. It is a machine that helps in achieving goals of an organization. Different people undergoing so many processes in order to achieve a common goal. Forming a team therefore helps in achievement of goals of an organization. From our findings from the interview, we realized that team work also apply to businesses successes. This helps the workers to assist each other to ensure perfection. At this point maximization is the bench mark. They enjoy doing their work without even being motivated.

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Creating a team work is like creating a working culture. In instill collaboration among members. It makes people to understand that thinking, actions, decisions and planning are always perfect when done in a group. Work is made easier and understandable as compared to when people work individually. All the above mentioned traits or behaviours helps in making sure that team work is a success. 

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