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Social Media and Teenagers

Web site have allowed interaction to take place through social media such as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and gaming sites as well as many other sites. Social media is a place where people can share ideas have grown and become popular among the teenagers. Teenagers have found this as a means of communication and entertainment (Moreno 449). Social interactions have been in the growth in the recent years. In some states like Washington, parents have gone to an extent of monitoring their children on extend of exposure to social media. Psychologists have discovered that social media have both negative and positive impact on teenagers for they have access to anyone in the world. The main reason why parents do not discover which areas of social media is their children involved in is ignorance to public postages that use educative names to hide their motives (Sameer 218).

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Every human being in the country has a right of association; parents fear to interfere with children’s social life in fear of pushing their teen children away (Kathleen 804). Most people want to be famous or popular, parents think that going online of their teen will help them get popular and enjoy social life. Parents and the society should adjust the freedom to privacy and monitor what they can view and broadcast on social media. Health balance on exposure to social media should be stimulated ion teenagers activities. Teenagers can get help from social media such as career guidelines, education tips, and nutrition, health and relationship issues. They can be broadcasted on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (Kathleen 803).

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The quality of information passed through social media has been on rise based on the type someone is interested. Social networking brings young people together to adapt with the new technologies in which the damages may not be revocable. Teenagers get the influence of emulating the celebrity to find personal identity. A boy imitates the celebrities in social media through dress codes and adding of muscles. The value of own beauty is abandoned, and different culture is emulated. Facebook and Twitter help the teenagers to change with the latest fashion in the globe, which is an advantage to those that want become fashion designers (Moreno 448).

Alcohol and drug abuse information is easily passed through social media as teenagers share experiences on drug taking to those have not tried them. It is challenging a teen to make choices in social media, especially if socializing with other teens. Sexual information passed carelessly on Face book and Twitter making the teens gets involved in risky behaviors (Lenhart 190). New alcohol brands advertised in social media, which pushes teenagers to be associated with glorifying of drugs and the behaviors it is associated. Religion and education institution have taken advantage of increasing number of teens in the social media. They have posted teachings against drugs and the effects caused by drugs (Walker 3).

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On Facebook and Twitter, politicians have opened pages and blogs for their fans to follow and like. Exposure to these pages and blogs has provided teens with opportunity of political stance development. Facebook and Twitter broadcast news events occurring in different political views. Motivation that is attained trough social media helps teens develop charity attitude in their lives. Some of the teenager who is interested in future political career gets to follow their favorite politician and learn about political ambition and road of a successful politician. History that some politician posts in social media is important to a teenager interested in politics (Walker 3).

The world is made of different cultures and religions, social interaction from different social and ethnic background bring about mixing of cultural ideas. Emulation of certain believes practiced in some societies have a negative impact on a growing teenager. The terror groups involve teens in terrorism through enticement (Lenhart 190). Attaining is through use of social media, targeting the naive teenagers. Learning about different culture and ethnic groups has helped many teenagers think critically and make important choices in future life.

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There are blogs and pages in Twitter, Facebook and Instagram that encourage teens in social interactions of peers like fund raising to the needy. Friend ship may extend beyond offline existence leading to relationships (Moreno 450). This allows teens to access wider network and benefit with greater learning opportunities. Involvement in Facebook, Twitter and other social sites diversifies teen’s skill to socialize including social confidence and heighten media literacy. Most teens hide in social media to evade boredom and loneliness, some go to extend of believing in satisfaction of food in Instagram that is unhealthy (Moreno 450).

Reports brought forth by teachers and education specialist shows education levels have dropped significantly in teens. Teens have pour communication skills, they do not have time to learn basic communication skills for most time it is done through screens (Lenhart 190). Some of the communication skills ignored are body language, tone variation and use of language etiquette. Facebook and Twitter that are the best examples of most visited social media by teens have gotten critics by linguistics. There are no grammar checks or spelling rule in fact, most teens find grammar rule irrelevant during communication. This has a negative impact on teens during real life communication like schoolwork and work places (Moreno 450).

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Facebook has many followers who are teens; they have created pages that describe their personal life like achievements, dreams and future plans in life. This character develops emotional problems later in life if they do not achieve, resulting to devastating decision like addictions or suicide (Moreno 450). Reviews have found that most teens who that committed suicide is due to negative messages they get online on social on social media more from cyber bullying. Groups with negative influences formed that target social networks and become deviant’s hunting grounds. It is evident enough social blogs like Twitter results in narcissism and decrease in empathy amongst the teens (Sameer, Hinduja, and Patchin 215).

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