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The novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain is a narrative story that portrays a young, naughty boy named Huck Finn, who makes the plot fascinating and interesting. It is evident that Huck is the most essential figure that observes the surrounding world through the prism of logic and practice. Being quite a clever boy, he tries to explore his environment, which is a significant part of his life. In this case, the reader notices that Huck likes to describe the Mississippi River as local culture. Thus, the main theme of the story relates to the life of the main character and his endless attempts to survive through cheating and lies.

In the story The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Twain illustrates an innocent boy, who has an irresistible desire to change his life, and who faces some obstacles that do not allow him to implement his plan. In fact, Huck’s views are naïve, and his ideas are full of the satirical humor. However, the reader notices that when something seems to be funny for somebody, the protagonist does not laugh at things that person indicates and remains unswerving. This particular feature of his character reveals that he is not a child, but an adult, who has personal values and views. Moreover, Huck has an incredible ability to accept everything that happens around him. Huck adapts to different situations using such a wonderful approach as deceit. “Please take it, says I, and don't ask me nothing—then I won't have to tell no lies” (Twain & Elliott, 1999). The point is that this manner helps him to avoid many troubles, and thus, he manages to prevent negative consequences. Undoubtedly, all his tricks save Huck from various kinds of punishment even if he realizes that he is entrapped by himself.

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A playful manner and a practical approach to life represent him as a sly and realistic inventor at the same time. Even though humor is an important element of the plot, Huck encounters many difficulties in life. In this case, his features of character help him to survive in hard living conditions. He is forced to experience his Pap’s abuse and the violence of hostility. It becomes too obvious that these situations compel him to lie, steal, and cheat as there is no other choice. Consequently, the author makes the reader understand that Huck belongs to one of the lowest classes of the white society. Twain also explains that the boy suffers due to the reason that his father is always drunk. This fact creates the problem based on the relationship between the father and his son. Eventually, Huck has to deal with homelessness as the father disappears, and no one takes care of the boy, who is kind and compassionate inside.

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The only chance to survive is to subject to the widow Douglas and her order. The author demonstrates that a woman wants to reform Huck despite the fact that he does not accept her constant attempts to change him. It is easy to see that the widow’s methods limit Huck’s freedom and independence. The boy perceives life according to his personal values, and thus, he tries to maintain his own options referred to his deeds and even words. The reader can assume that the protagonist feels some inner fears to obey the widow due to unlucky experience with his father. Gradually, one realizes that Huck just needs more time to alter since it is not an easy thing to change a human nature. Thus, there is no more reason to resist the widow, who wants to help the boy and direct him towards the right path based on truth and justice.

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Huck starts trusting the widow, and it causes his transformation connected with a new kind of life based on studying and religion. This is when the boy concludes that it is better to obey the widow; thus, he is ready to return to a normal life. When he comes back home, the widow treats him in a kind way: “The widow she cried over me and called me a poor lost lamb…but she never meant no harm by it” (Twain & Elliott, 1999). These words prove that the boy appreciates the widow’s attitude towards him. Thus, Huck begins to go to school and has regular religious training. However, he knows that his views differ from the social ones, and it makes him skeptical at times. The boy often muses on the meaning of life, but still, he cannot refuse his instincts connected with distrust. On the other hand, the reader must always keep in mind that Huck is just a child who learns the world while trying to find himself among the existent things. In such a way, he gets rid of the choice dilemma and creates his own rules, which reflect his morality through justice. Eventually, Huck makes a right choice while listening to his heart; he does not betray Jim, who has risked his life for the sake of Huck.

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In conclusion, in the novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the main character is a child, who wants to discover his place in society. Huck Finn unites many different traits of character, which do not allow him to solve the problem of choice. The boy encounters a boundless amount of difficulties despite his young age and the lack of experience. On the other hand, his way of living leads him to a right path through a right choice. The main issue is connected with dignity of the protagonist; luckily, he manages not to lose it.

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