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The Article Analysis

The first article that this essay explores concerns why women are used as objects of beauty violence. The article, christened as “Violence against Women Disguised as Fashion” is written by Jenna Sauers. The second article under this essay’s scrutiny concerns an article christened as “Stop Posting that Dove ad: “Real Beauty” Campaign is not feminist”. Erin Keane is celebrated for the article. Thus, this essay abounds a comparison and criticism between two articles that focus on the beauty industry.

The first article written by Jenna Sauers explores the lives of female models that have been hurt or that depict violence in the photos or advertisements that they do. According to Sauers, women are their own worst enemies because they condone the depiction of the violence related with the modeling profession. This abounds from the fact that most of beauty or modeling magazines are authored and edited by women. In addition, women are the sole purpose of the business because their pictures are used in the marketing of magazines, and they do condone the violence on them through consenting to taking pictures or appearing in cameos that depict them in a demeaning position. Thus, Sauers confidently avails photographs and videos that depict models in compromising positions and calls for an end to that humiliating treatment. The second article authored by Keane mainly focuses on an ad that is posted on Facebook by Dove, a company that claims to promote feminism. In the article, Keane is critical about “Dove’s” intention to try to depict real beauty as centering on feminism. She criticizes the advert for using sketches that try to depict real beauty and posting the question to fans that mostly comprised of women with an intention of making them come up with a real definition of genuine beauty from the sketches advanced. Keane is critical of the fact that the person who makes the sketches is not a licensed therapist, which means she wrongfully explores the feelings of women by sending false messages to them. Notably, the sketcher was a former police officer who assumes that two different pictures closely reveal the same image, which is not correct because the pictures depict some differences. Keane concludes by posing a question to women, which is “how do you see yourself?”

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The similarity between these articles abounds from the fact that they both address the issue of victimizing women in the fashion industry. In the first article, this is evident because Sauers is agitated by the use of women photos in fashion magazines that depict them in a compromising position. Notably, pictures of models that have been battered are used to sell the magazines, which send a message that portrays models as victims of violence. On the second article, a similarity to the first article reveals from Keane’s argument regarding the true meaning of real beauty and feminism. According to Keane, women should not be made to feel self-conscious about themselves for the purpose of promoting feminisms. Keane’s condemnation of a an individual not licensed as a therapist making women feel insecure about themselves is similar to the first article that totally condemns objectifying of female models.

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A major difference between the two articles abounds from the fact that the first article strictly focuses on objectifying female models as objects of battery and violence. This can be established from Sauers’ quote where she indicates that “a Dolce and Gabbana ad that was shot in 2007 received much condemnation from the National Organization for Women in the United States and was banned in Italy and Spain.” On the other hand, the second article condones the promotion of real beauty and feminism, but it is limited on what should be exposed and what should be preserved. The main concern of the second article is feminism, but not model’s mistreatment.

In conclusion, this paper has explored two articles written by two different authors. The purpose for exploring the two articles was to come up with a comparison and contrast regarding the same articles. A similarity is that both articles condemn objectifying of women while a difference is that the second article mainly focuses on feminism and real beauty, but not situations that compromise the female models in society.

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