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Face-to-face vs. Online Classes


There are many modes of study. However, the two main types are the online classes and the face-to-face classes. Some students prefer to study online, whereas others like to be in a class. In order to understand why some opt to study online and others prefer to attend a class, it is imperative to recognize their dissimilarities and similarities.  

Online classes are lessons that take place online. Online classes imply that a person gets to learn through the internet with the use of computers, laptops, Ipads and Ipods. All assignments, lessons and communication occur online. On the other hand, in face-to-face classes lessons take place in traditional classrooms. The students are in direct contact with the teachers. All assignments, classes and meetings take place in class (Frimming, Glenna, Choi, 2014).

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Furthermore, online classes are more self-driven than the face-to-face classes. Any individual that decides to learn online has to be self-disciplined and have self-control. There is no one to push them into getting online to learn and do assignments. Additionally, online classes provide the comfort of doing assignments whenever and wherever it is comfortable. Thus, online students get to enjoy the comfort of their homes. That is why this mode of learning is preferred mostly by individuals that have other responsibilities. On the other hand, face-to-face classes do not provide the laxity of doing assignments any time they prefer. Assignments in the traditional class have to be done there and then, unless the assignments are to be done at home. The face-to-face classes are preferred by individuals who want to commit all of their time to studying, and have nothing else to do apart from studying.

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Face-to-face classes have an advantage over online classes because students in the face-to-face model of learning have social practice with other students in the class. The relation between the scholars and the professors is personal, and the communication between the students and the professors is consistent. On the other hand, an online class does not provide the learners with  such an advantage. Online lessons do not offer personal attention and intimacy that one gets from a face-to-face class. The main mode of communication is email and phone (Thompson, Nicole & Dana, 2014).

Online classes are less costly compared to the face-to-face classes. With the online classes, one needs to have a computer and internet access only. Additionally, one does not spend any money on food since they already have food in their homes and cook whenever they please. Furthermore, online classes do not require any regular traveling from home to school. Thus, the cost that would have been incurred buying gas and paying for transport is saved. Conversely, face to face classes are expensive, because of the costs that are incurred. Some of the costs include expenditure on fuel, gas, and food. The tuition fees of a face-face class model are much higher than the online tuition fees (Frimming, Glenna, Choi, 2014).

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Students that learn through online classes are thought not to do well in the exams. Most perform at the average level whereas others fail completely. This poor performance could be credited to the fact that most online students may not possess the strong qualities of self-discipline and control over their studies. Others perform poorly because they could be working during the day, and during the time they have to study, they get distracted by the kids and additional duties at home. In the end, they will end up performing poorly. On the contrary, most students in the face-to-face classes perform extraordinarily well. Such students do well because of the benefits they get by attending a physical class. Besides, having influence from the teachers, and contest with other scholars, a student in a face-to-face class is forced to do well (Thompson, Nicole & Dana, 2014).

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One similarity between an online and face-to-face class is that in both there is a qualified instructor who provides teaching services to all the students. In the classroom mode of study, the teacher is there physically, but for the distance learning, the teacher is available to offer guidance and answer any questions from the distance learners. Additionally, for both modes of study, students do take exams. The only dissimilarity is that  some do it from their homes through the internet, whereas others take the exams in the classroom. Both distance learning and face-to-face learning having the same syllabus and course outline, and they both involve discussions. Discussions for the distance learners take place online in the boardroom. For the classroom students, discussions take place in class (Frimming, Glenna, Choi, 2014).  

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Both modes of study are good but depend on the one that a person is comfortable with. In the end, it is a degree that one goes after, and can be attained through either of the study modes.

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