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Case Study Ethics

Dax case was a serious one after they were involved in an explosion and their lives changed. Despite the fact that they received medication immediately, their later life was not the same since their body would not function normally again. This would ...


The problem of protecting the state secret, personal information and other types of secrets is actively discussed in the whole world. Mechanisms of protection of confidential information have to be accurately developed for all cases, including ...

Ethics Case Study

Possible Consequences of the Acceptable Alternatives The other alternatives in this Ethics Case Study include my life, feeling of guilt, and the life of the people in the fire. The possible consequences that might result from these acceptable ...

Ethics Case Study: To Rescue Others at What Risk

The social cohesion in the society takes different dimensions. However, the underlying premise is that every member of the society needs each other, in times of joy, and in times of disasters. As many people would say, a true friend comes out during ...

Ethics in Physician Assisted Suicide

Physician assisted suicide refers to the voluntary termination of the life of a particular patient. It is conducted through administering a lethal substance with direct or indirect assistance from the physician. The case of physician-assisted ...

Ethics of Enterprise and Exchange

1. Aristotle created the concept of value in use and distinguished between the two principal types of value: exchange value and use value. The exchange value is determined by which and how many services or goods can be obtained in return for other ...

Theory and Ethics

Knowledge on theories helps in understanding the role and place of ethics in different disciplines and profession such as medicine, business and workplaces. In others words, it enhances rooted familiarity with different fields of application such as ...

Virtue Ethics

Character is a combination of personal characteristics. The basic elements can be divided into three groups: attitude to any activity, to oneself, and to the people around. A person can be characterized as kind, caring, sensitive, mandatory, ... Testimonials

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