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Case Study Ethics

Dax case was a serious one after they were involved in an explosion and their lives changed. Despite the fact that they received medication immediately, their later life was not the same since their body would not function normally again. This would easily lead to either the affected or the family of the affected requesting for assisted euthanasia. This paper analyses the possible responses to them incase they asked for assisted euthanasia.

Firstly, the affected persons and their family should understand only God gives and takes life. As scripted in the bible, God is the giver and taker of life and no other human being should ever kill. The patients and the family would clearly get this message and understand that it is hard for the doctors and nurses to perform assisted euthanasia since their religious belief does not allow them to.

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Secondly, the patients and the family would be told that the doctors and nurses were capable of handling the matter until they get well. Despite the fact that the condition in the Dax case was serious, the doctors would have found an option against the assisted euthanasia. With knowledge and skills on their profession, they should have told the family or the patients that they had the capability of ensuring that they heal. Notably, this would be encouraging to both the patients and the family and they would opt to wait so that they see whether the patients get well. Normally, the family or the patients might request for assisted euthanasia since they lack faith of getting well.

In conclusion, assisted euthanasia is whereby a patient or the family requests the doctor to take away the patients life since they are in a critical condition. This Dax case was serious and probably they would request for euthanasia. However, the doctors should have responded to them with a different point of view. The best response would be that God is the giver and taker of life, thus euthanasia was against the biblical teachings.

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