Free «Ethics Case Study: To Rescue Others at What Risk» Essay Paper

Ethics Case Study: To Rescue Others at What Risk

The social cohesion in the society takes different dimensions. However, the underlying premise is that every member of the society needs each other, in times of joy, and in times of disasters. As many people would say, a true friend comes out during the time of disaster, when someone needs rescue. The act of rescuing a person involves running to the same disaster that struck the victim. Therefore, a sense of mixed reactions dominates the person thus remaining in dilemma on whether to risk going to the disaster, or leaving the victim perish (Kahneman, Tversky, 1984).

A case in point is hurricane disaster that struck the ACME Medical Center. The disaster worsens when the helicopter intended to rescue the huge population inside the building crashes. At this point, both the rescuers and the first victims require rescue. The five people who manage to escape the disaster have only to options: go back and show the others their initial escape strategy, or leave home for their safety. The two options have different consequences thus require careful thinking. Getting back to the fire is a risk of perishing all together with the other victims if the former strategy fails. On the other hand, leaving the victims perish will have a psychological effect when one thinks of this ignored responsibility of rescuing others (Barton, 1969).

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However, the society should agree that sometimes situations get out of human control and therefore you have no option than watch your fellow society men perish in the disaster (Barton, 1969). Given the magnitude of this disaster, getting back to the blaze would ultimately not guarantee another escape. Therefore, the most appropriate option is to rescue oneself before extending help to others. Despite the fact that he was the driver of the rescue van, Peter considers his safety and vows not to return to the blaze. Nevertheless, the option depends on one’s consciousness. Margaret feels that she cannot abandon her duty of caring for his victims for she would not withstand the psychological torture.

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