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Ethics Case Study

Possible Consequences of the Acceptable Alternatives

The other alternatives in this Ethics Case Study include my life, feeling of guilt, and the life of the people in the fire. The possible consequences that might result from these acceptable alternatives include dying personally, resorting to stress because of guilt or losing  someone else to the fire because of not helping them.        

Prioritization of the Accepted Alternatives

Self preservation is essential, thus I will prioritize it as the number one acceptable alternative, Secondly, I will prioritize saving the people within a reachable. Lastly, I can resort to live with guilt for not saving the people whose life could endanger mine.

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The Plan of Action

My plan of action focuses on ensuring that all persons within a reachable distance are saved from the dangerous wing. Then I secure them to a waiting area before calling for help (Singer, 2002).

The Response to the Victims and Family in case they Request for Euthanasia

In my opinion, victims should be desisted from considering euthanasia. This can be done through encouraging them to expect healing no matter what pain or affliction they are undergoing. Despite the fact that they have an upper hand on the decision they make, they should also be reminded that their family cares for them and they are also part of the decision. On the other hand, the family should be motivated to discourage the patient from subscribing to euthanasia (Caplan, McCartney, & Sisti, 2006). However, as they make that decision, they should also be reminded the severity of their patient’s ailment so that they do not incline on preserving the life of the patient whiles he/she is in much pain.

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