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“Common Sense” and American Revolution

How significant it was for The United States to declare independence from England? Thomas Paine wrote in his pamphlet that it was a fundamental right of American colonists, which they were to defend. Needless to say that England established severe control over all the colonial affairs, so that the colonists find English monarchy corrupt and unjust towards the colonial society. In fact, the historical event is of great importance, as the unified and independent country was proclaimed. To a broader extent, the revolution made a drastic change in the mindset of the colonial people. Subsequently, “Common sense” is the most influential piece of work about the American Revolution, which manifested the right for freedom and inspired people to fight for it, and, as a result, contributed to clear understanding of the significance of the events by contemporary Americans.

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It was essential for that period of time to motivate people to commence and continue armed revolution against British regime. It is true to say that “Common Sense” made American colonists believe in the necessity of the change through revolution and in justice of the cause. To make it available for the audience the pamphlet was written in a simple language, so that it was easy to comprehend and analyze the message delivered by Paine. In such a way, the idea of self-determination, equality and liberty spread all over the continent and a new political worldview was created. The concise theses about new mechanism of government presented a contrast with unfair British rule, and, thus, a contemporary reader of the pamphlet understands the inevitability of the action.

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The reason why the pamphlet is one of the main contributors to the creation of the new world with a new political order is that it lingers upon the inadequacy of the current government and its relation to the society. To be more precise, Paine emphasizes the fact that the balance should be set between government and society. It is increasingly important statement, as it touches upon the system of the government where the people opt to choose their representatives, namely have a right to political freedom. Indeed, the pamphlet may be regarded as the basis for Declaration of Independence, which determined the best future for the descendants as free individuals.

“Common Sense” is an important evidence of tyrannical monarchical system ruling in America. In other words, it is a living reminder of the times when the government did not serve to protect people but, on the contrary, treated unfairly by restricting their rights. The effects of hereditary succession are viewed as negative contributors to the welfare of a new nation. Moreover, monarchy, as the system of the government, contradicts with a natural right of all human beings to freedom. This main postulate of the second section proclaims the failure of such a regime, and, hence, encourages colonists to fight to the finish. Though, it was hard to ignore that England was powerful at that time, which is why the vistas of the future victory were rather vague. Naturally, it was important to convince people that they were capable of overthrowing the British rule on the continent. Thus, the pamphlet written in persuasive and lofty manner contributed to the complete separation from England.

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Apart from criticizing the existing system of the government, Thomas Paine focuses upon American affairs after the separation. It was crucial for American colonists to understand the final result of the revolution and the concrete program of further development. For this purpose, Paine suggested logically based statements that covered the arrangement of the government system. It is worth admitting that it was the first attempt in planning the creation of the Congress as a just and democratic national government. Consequently, American colonists deprived of their rights during the British rule welcomed the idea of holding the elections. As a result, “Common Sense” was assumed as a ruling principle in forming the Congress, the legislative body elected by the people. Hence, the pamphlet was the guide for people committed to America as a democratic and independent country.

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The impact of the pamphlet was considerable upon the colonists’ mindset. It is obvious that the idea about the domination of “mother country” was no longer implemented. The pamphlet promoted the deliverance from British superiority and was aimed to foster the confidence and strength of the nation, which was the guarantee of the future prosperity. Moreover, the pamphlet prevented the expansion of Us- Other Mentality, according to which England is a dominating country, and Englishmen are privileged people amongst colonists. Apparently, the awareness about the past achievements and present favorable position of the country in terms of natural resources and geographical location furthered self-determination and confidence of the nation. The political philosopher ends his pamphlet with the considerations about colonial shipyards, which have a potential to excel the Royal Navy, which was considered to be the most powerful navy in the world.

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All in all, the pamphlet “Common Sense” by Thomas Paine had a strong effect on the mindset of the American colonists and advanced our historical understanding of the period. It is necessary to mention that it gives a broad outline of the political and economic situation escalating to major conflict. Apart from stating the reasons for separation from England, Paine encouraged all colonists to struggle for creation a tolerate society that would provide the best future for all Americans. What is more, “Common Sense” is an inspiring piece of work for American people at present, as it gives evidence of the great historical past and capacity to develop in future.

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