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History Short Essay

Question 1

The Cold War had a significant impact on the American culture. For instance, it led to the fear of communism due to the increased tension in the Soviet Union. The politicians of both parties suffered from the fear of communism. It was a result of the fight that could be unleashed as it needed the use of nuclear weapons. Both the US and the Soviet Union had enough training on nuclear weapon, hence attacks were the most feared of. In addition, the Cold War in America led to the increased employment as many people were recruited to the defense forces or military to assist in fighting. The development of the hydrogen bombs that were more powerful than the atomic bombs did create a great fear in America.

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Question 2

In her biography, Ann Moody analyzes the hardships that black people underwent while living in poverty in the delta of Mississippi. She clearly explains the form of racial discrimination and profound inequality in the South between the 1950s and 1960s. For instance, at some point in her book titled Coming of Age in Mississippi, an actor named Essie Maes, who in the real sense is herself, explains how her mother used to work very hard in a white man’s farm. Her mother used to do works with odd ends only to make from 2 to 20 dollars a week to support the family. The only meal that could be managed by her mother was leftover which she brought from her job or bread and beans. In Mississippi, according to the author, blacks were hearted and, in most cases, during vote registration, blacks were denied registering as it was believed that it would increase the chance of having a black person winning the election. It is worth noting that according to Ann Moody, racial discrimination in Mississippi was something dominant; she claims that it was not only against blacks, but also against everybody.

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Question 3

In 1950, less that 50,000 Americans of the total population of 150 million were among the members of the Communist Party although between 1940 and the early 1950s, Americans were afraid of internal communism. This triggered the government to go round asking the federation employees about the churches they went, the books and magazines they read, and the civil organizations they belonged to. This was so because it was believed that there were some forces against communism that made most of them not to register. This led to blacklisting of some writers’ works that were believed to be among those in sighting. However, the books of Harry Truman and Joe McCarthy were not burnt as they supported the government’s actions and the postwar red scare.

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Question 4

Hughes, the secretary of President Harding, played an essential role in influencing the diplomacy of America. When Harding was elected the president, he became able to implement a policy that worked only on limited league connections or collective security principle that was established during the administration of Wilson. As a result, he was able to increase prestige in the U.S Latin America due to the disputes in the western hemisphere countries. During this period, the U.S recognized Mexico’s government and made compensation to Colombia for the Panamanian revolt of 1903, which it had supported. Hughes also acted as the director during the naval conference in Washington between 1921 and 1922. This conference led to the Five-Power Treaty. It is at this period that Hughes signed an agreement with Japanese that was aimed at limiting deployment of the U.S and Japan military to the Pacific Ocean. He also worked tirelessly towards moral improvement and talents development in the U.S state department.

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