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Focus Group Discussion Guide

Good morning/afternoon. My names are                                             . I am the sales manager of the cleansing manufacturing industry. Apart from that I am a soccer player. My interest today is to inform you my fellows on the best cleansing products to use in which occasion.

We are very happy to be joined by you today in our focus discussion group. Our discussion today is based on our products and how best they can serve you. As am aware, some of you have never been to such discussions and I will briefly explain what it entails.

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Focus group discussion is meant for collecting information from small groups of people with a common interest in a specific subject. In our case, we are all gathered here because we have a common interest in the cleansing products this company offers. Al the answers will be treated as right and they will be treated as highly confidential. For example:

How often do you shower a day?

Do you use fragrances after showering? How many times a day?

Do you use scented deodorants, lotions etc?


The list shows all our cleansing products ranging from the deodorant bar, beauty bar, cream body was and gel body wash. These are what we want to learn about today.

How many have ever used any of these products? How often? Are you still using it or you moved on?  Why do you use it? What are its advantages and disadvantages as compared to other forms? What do you want to be done in order to make it best for you? How did you know about it? What attracted you to start using it?  Which brands have you tried? How is it different from the other brands? What is the difference between bar body wash and gel body wash? How do you feel after bathing with bar or gel?

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BRANDS (30 min)

List your favorite on your name card. How many of you has used deodorant bar? For how long? How many have used Oil of Olay/Dove/Lever 2000/Dial?

Summary (15 min)

The three considerations when choosing soap are the brand, form and price. They should be followed in order of how they matter. If you don’t get what you want, is there an alternative?

Put skin care, scent and cleanliness in order of importance in line with their discussed benefits.

MISC –time permitting

What do you always see when shopping this aisle? What new things do you see? Switch around?

ADULT – how many of you buy soap for other family members? How do you decide on which form to choose for your husband or teen?

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TEENS ONLY – how do you learn about new brands or forms of soaps? Where have you seen ads? (Mall/locker room/ Channel 1/ Dressing rooms etc). What do you remember about it? What was the main idea?


Thank you everyone for your time and presence. Thanks also for the contribution and we are very grateful. This information that we have collected will be used to better our products. In case of any questions concerning our products. Contact our company on the number availed on the collage on the board. Before the end of this month, you will have received the best products in line with our discussions. Thank you all.


Introduce yourself.

Welcome and appreciate your audience.

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Line up the forms and describe them. Explain the charts.

Show examples of brands with both bar and body wash.

Line up examples which are commonly used. 

Repeat for all forms.

Make a chart of responses.

Notes should be handwritten and video or tape should be recorded.

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