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Psychoactive Substances

Nowadays, when people are involved in scientific and technology progress, they apply more and more medicines that “improve” their lives. Some psychoactive substances are used by millions of people every day that shows their desire to make lives more enjoyable. This work is aimed at proving that some psychoactive drugs create illusion of joy and happiness so that people could believe that their lives are more pleasant and fulfilled.

First of all, I want to analyze the most frequently applied category of psychoactive substances – stimulants. Stimulants are used both in medicine and daily life, but I want to discuss their place and role in the contemporary individual’s lifestyle. The group of stimulants includes caffeine, nicotine, amphetamine, and cocaine. Essentially, I approve the use of amphetamine and cocaine only in medicine and think that these drugs may only worsen human life in case of abuse. Though some kinds of narcotic substances are legal in many countries, I think that such strong drugs create the false filling of euphoria and happiness, which ends as soon as the time of drug’s activeness runs out. In addition, amphetamine and cocaine damage people’s health and change their consciousness and behavior.

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As it is difficult to overcome dependence on some kinds of stimulants, people become the slaves of such medicines, and another doze of psychoactive substances is vital for them. Nevertheless, many people do not mind taking them many times a day in order to feel short-time satisfaction. Taking stimulants becomes an average procedure that gives a portion of vivacity. It is worth saying that psychoactive substances make people happy, and the morning rituals of drinking a cup of tea or coffee complement people’s lives and satisfy their need for some chemicals. According to Lovett (2005), caffeine that may be found in coffee, tea, and chocolate is consumed by 90 % of adults in North America every day. Furthermore, people’s weakness regarding psychoactive drugs has become a profitable business for the ones who produce various sorts of coffee and cigarettes as well as cafes and coffee shops owners. Cigarettes are more dangerous than caffeine; if caffeine stimulates energy production, nicotine is believed to have both stimulating and relaxing effects. Nicotine causes a severe dependency; therefore, it is extremely hard for smokers to quit smoking. Contemporary legislation of numerous countries forbids smoking in public places and controls the production and consumption of cigarettes. Society is challenged to decrease the use of cigarettes and nicotine as awareness of the harm of this chemical is growing. I think that people are unlikely to refuse smoking, but they should attempt to reduce everyday nicotine doze through light cigarettes. Coffee is less harmful stimulant that is vital for the millions of people. Hence, I do not suppose that someday coffee consumption will decline, though the reduction of caffeine is a favorable option.

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The next category of depressants or “downers” embraces hypnotics, narcotics, and sedatives that cause euphoria, conscious change, and anxiety reducing. The most widespread substances of this group are found in alcoholic beverages that contain ethanol. Humankind has consumed it since the times immemorial; despite the governmental limits regarding its consumption, alcohol abuse is a popular diagnosis. Though in many countries people younger than 18 or 21 are not allowed to buy alcohol, the youth and teenagers frequently abuse it. In most cases, they do it in order to look like the adults, who can afford any kind of entertainment even if their behavior and perception are changed. Because of this, people try to propagandize healthy lifestyle without alcohol. As a result, the youth follow this adults’ tendency and reject alcohol.

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Though alcohol is harmful, the ones who consume it because they like the taste of the drink and do not want to get drunk primitively, seem to keep on drinking alcohol in little portions. These people may not have dependence on alcohol, but its consumption satisfies them and makes them happier. The matter is that alcohol became an element of culture worldwide, and some people simply cannot imagine their holidays without whiskey or their Fridays without beer. According to Gouse and Gill, undergraduate students usually position themselves outside the categories of "serious" or "anti-social" drinkers with alcohol in some countries (2006). In the countries with drinking culture, people do not think that alcohol is harmful as social status makes them drink alcohol. Intensive work and polluted ecology make people look for relaxation and pleasant feelings in psychoactive drugs such as alcohol. Their nervous system suffers from overstrain that results in psychic and physiological health problems. Hence, another glass of wine or a bottle of beer in the evenings are the means of relaxation. As tempo of life and daily pressure on the individuals are unlikely to be reduced, people will keep on searching for relaxation and rest. When drinking alcohol, people feel the energy increase or relaxation that are followed by moods and conscious change. Short-term feeling of euphoria and limitless is so necessary to them that they are ready to suffer from the hangover next day. Though alcohol has killed many people, the ones who survived and witness the alcohol abuse are not willing to give up drinking. On the other hand, people may look for freedom and relaxation in various activities like narcotics or violence that are much more harmful than alcohol. Therefore, alcohol will be found in many homes and cafes, but it is worth remembering that it is dangerous to abuse it.

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