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Three Environmental Issues

The environment is part of the world where people live. The conditions that surround something or someone may promote one’s health, progress, or growth. Moreover, the conditions of a given area determine whether that place is suitable for living. Nowadays, there are many issues affecting the environment, making it unfavorable. The paper discusses three environmental issues that include ineffective littering, polluting the air, and water pollution, as well as offers a solution to these environment issues.

Ineffective littering is one of the major issues affecting the environment. I grew up in New York City and could not help but feel bad about the mountains of litter I met on the roads. The problem of garbage is worsening in almost all parts of the world and the governments are working hard to eliminate the issue. There exist many solutions to the problem of garbage. One of the solutions includes recycling initiatives. The waste management team should ensure that there is a proper recycling company of all waste products to promote the elimination of waste. The second solution should be the strengthening of the waste management team. These people have become weak in dealing with the issue and giving them more power to work will promote the effective handling of the problem. There should also be a build-up of huge dumping sites that will ensure they accommodate all the waste rather than throwing it on the roads. The consideration of these factors will ensure that garbage is not scattered on the roads or other places that people are using in their day-to-day activities.

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Water pollution is another foremost area of interest. In the companies that engage in mining, chemical inventions, and drilling, oil spillages are common because of the dumping of harmful waste and substances into the oceans and rivers. Most firms do it to save on operating costs, believing that this is the only way in which to operate efficiently.However, waste disposal pollutes the water, making it unsuitable to drink and harmful to human health. In many cases, it also causes the death of living creatures like fish and other organisms that live in water. I had an experience of a water polluted environment where a stayed near the river in New York that had flowing plastic bottles. The issue was very stressful since it forced us to walk many miles in search of clean water for drinking. However, there are many solutions that can help solve the issue of water pollution. One of the measures should be ensuring that individuals use the waste bins allocated in every city instead of throwing waste on the roads or streets. The second solution should be not to throw paints, chemicals, and oils in the sink drains or toilets. Local authorities should ensure there is a chemical disposal bin that is safe for such waste. Utilizing water wisely is another solution. It will make sure that there is no water shortage and minimal dirty water that requires treatment.

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Air pollution has been another issue affecting the environment. It refers to the contamination of the atmosphere. The atmosphere we live in is filled up with harmful biological and chemical materials that cause health problems and damage forests and animals. Fumes emitted by cars, electricity and other energy sources cause air pollution. Some of the solutions to this problem include using public transport, regular car checkups, walking, or using bicycles instead of driving.

In conclusion, we should all take part in taking care of the environment. People should not allow avoidable things ruin the manner in which they can enjoy life. As such, there is a need to keep the environment clean and safe by ensuring that there are as many rubbish bins as possible, introducing recycling of waste products and, if possible, practicing walking since driving also pollutes the environment. It is good to join hands and work toward improving the environment since it will benefit us all for the environment is part of the world where we live.

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