Free «Declaration of the Rights of the Child» Essay Paper

Declaration of the Rights of the Child

Children’s rights are the rights of children under the age of 18 years as defined by the United Nations’ charter. These rights include right to health, education, family life, recreation and play, better living standards, and right to protection from harm and abuse (Freeman, 2007). Children’s rights are the basis of four principles, namely, non-discrimination, right to development and survival, right to the child view, and right to have the best interest of children in perspective. The rights to education, recreation, and play are vital children’s rights in section seven of the United Nations’ charter. Thus, children should have access to education regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, disability, religion, and gender (Great Britain, 2007). The paper will explain the meaning of education as one of children’s rights outlined in section seven of the Declaration of the Rights of the Child.

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The section says that the child is entitled to education regardless of his or her gender or race. It also says that education should be compulsory and free to all children at elementary stages. Moreover, the section states that children should be given education in an effort to promote general culture. The right to education also enables the child to stand a better chance to develop his or her abilities, individual judgment and sense of social and moral responsibilities. As a result, a child becomes a useful societal member. Secondly, the section is bound on the principle of the best interest of children. The standard of the best interest should guide a child’s guardian or anyone responsible for guidance and education. Lastly, the section indicates that children should have full and equal opportunities for recreation and play, which should be equally important to the right to education. Therefore, the public authorities and society should promote and ensure children always enjoy educational rights (Freeman, 2007).

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For example, leaders or politicians should consult children before implementing the decision that affects children’s education (United Nations., & Rädda barnen, 2007).

Section seven highlights the importance of education, play, and recreation because they are vital children’s rights. In addition, the section outlines the importance of child education at elementary stage. Secondly, it was included to show recreation and play is equally important children’s rights as education. For example, education should be free and compulsory at elementary stages (United Nations, 2007). Thirdly, it was included to show the importance of children’s rights to education in determining a child’s future.

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The controversy in the section is that some countries may have different definitions of children’s rights rather than what section seven of the Declaration proclaims. In addition, children can be reluctant to enjoy their rights despite provision of the charter. For examples, some children do not participate in plays and recreational activities as outlined in the section. Another controversy is that some children are reluctant to use their education rights. As a result, a child may end up being a useless societal member.

In my opinion, the controversy of section seven can be solved by enlightening children on their rights to education, recreation, and play. Some children are not aware of their rights, hence they do not enjoy privileges outlined in section seven. Secondly, the problem can be solved by organizing seminars for parents and guardians on the importance of children’s rights. In addition, those who violate a child’s right to education should be jailed for a period not less than six month. Lastly, international organizations such as UNICEF should offer education sponsorship to children who cannot access education due to poor family background.

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In conclusion, it is clear that the right to equal educational opportunities, play, and recreation are vital children’s rights contained in section seven of the United Nations charter. The section is very important as it shows the significance of a child’s education at elementary stage of child’s education.

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