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Gun Control

“The Case for Gun Policy Reforms in America” is a scholarly article sponsored by John Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research Center. Webster, Vernick, Vittes, McGinty, Teret, & Frattaroli (2012) are accredited with the research on gun policy and reforms as they came up with much information regarding gun control. The research utilized most of its information from secondary sources. The article commences by exploring the problems caused by guns in America. It is established that gun violence has escalated, and it is because people have been allowed to possess and carry weapons. Much research was done by these researchers, and they scored in areas such as the number of topics they covered regarding gun control and when should people be allowed to carry guns. However, some flaws are also evident in the research work such as the fact that the researchers advocate for the regulation of the gun design, which is capable to save lives. This is a flaw in the research as will be discussed below.

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This essay provides a critical commentary on the above-mentioned article regarding gun control and gun control policies.

(Webster, Vernick, Vittes, McGinty, Teret, & Frattaroli (2012) must be commented for their research on gun control and gun control policies. This abounds from the fact that they commence the article with a good background regarding the topic of discussion. In the background information provided, the researchers indicate how gun violence has been a burden to the country’s development because most productive people are killed by guns. Besides, the article indicates that insecurity is increased, which reduces investors’ confidence in America. The above comment from the article is commendable as this is the reality in the Americas.

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The researchers also scored on the fact that they employed good use of statistics in their research. Provision of statistics is essential when discussing the matter of gun control as this helps people to get the real figures regarding different aspects such as the mortality rate from gun violence, number of people treated from gun injuries and the number of weapons sold to people annually. For instance, the researchers employed good use of statistics through the provision of information concerning the age and number of those that are charged with homicide from gun violence (Webster, Vernick, Vittes, McGinty, Teret, & Frattaroli, 2012).

However, some flaws are evident in the research work on gun control. A significant flaw that emerges concerns the fact that Webster, Vernick, Vittes, McGinty, Teret, & Frattaroli (2012) have a diffferent opinion regarding the gun design and the saving of life. Webster, Vernick, Vittes, McGinty, Teret, & Frattaroli (2012) indicate that if less sophisticated guns are the only ones allowed to the public’s hand, there will be a possibility of saving lives if violence erupts. This is not entirely true because a person can train himself on speed while using the less sophisticated guns. Another flaw depicts from the fact that the article does not provide sufficient information on gun control policies. The information provided by the researchers is scanty and more or less of a summary regarding what gun control policies aim to achieve.

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In conclusion, this essay avails a critical opinion on the research sponsored by the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research. The research was thoroughly conducted as it depicts more success than flaws. For instance, the researchers scored on the way they commenced their research. They provided background information that mainly focused on the burden caused by gun violence in America. The research is also successful in its use of statistics. Notably, gun control is a critical topic that requires much information, which can be facilitated through statistics. Information such as the number of people that died due to gun violence is well presented using numbers.

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