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Literature Summary

Human resources management is one of the most important and most studied topics today. Scientists are trying to find new approaches to the organization of workers to understand their motivation and contribute to the efficiency of enterprises

In the following literature summary, there are results from the 6 early works, dedicated to recruitment and human resources management. Having analysed them, the author resorted to the comparative analysis of different approaches and opinions.

Among other things, the author is interested in the theoretical study of analyzing and synthesizing in the educational process. The paper Critical Thinking: Analyzing and Synthesizing the Literature applies Bloom’s taxonomy of analysis. According to the researcher, analysis helps students in interacting and achieving information while the synthesis is the selection of information and developing solutions. The author points out that carousel brainstorming is an educational strategy that teaches the students in different levels of education to summaries and concludes while working in groups with charts (Conklin, 2010).

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In the analysis of Managing diversity through human resource management: An international perspective and conceptual framework literature review, the author pays a great attention to the content. Especially, it is mentioned that there are different points of view on the issues of diversity at the workplace and their modern topicality evaluation. The structural specifics are also under careful author’s consideration. It was stressed that visual graphic organizer, created in the review, synthesized the objectives of diversity management. The author of the analysis points out that this review can be useful for persons who are conducting different researches.

Having analyzed Managing diversity through human resource management: An international perspective and conceptual framework literature review the next time, the author concentrated on the level of group analysis. It should be noticed that map of key features presented in the literature review, which the author also gave, is rather demonstrative. There are named some points like Objectives of HR diversity management and HR diversity management practices, which are subdivided into other categories.

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In analysis of “Applying Qualitative Methods in Organizations: A Note for industrial/Organizational Psychologists” by Benjamin Osayawe Ehigie and Rebecca Ibhaguelo Ehigie (2005) and “An Analysis of the Use and Success of Online Recruitment Methods in the UK” by Dr Emma Parry and Professor Shaun Tyson (2008), the author gives comparative description of them. The author points out that Ehigie and Ehigie chose qualitative means of data collection, focusing on the project technique. On the other hand, Parry and Tyson have chosen quantitative methods and their main method is an interview. The author analyses the results of their work and makes his conclusions.

In the work Proposed Sources, Recruitment, and Sampling, under writer’s consideration are business research methods that can be used in recruitment. The author analyses the interdependence between sample size and accuracy (Nicholas, 2010). Finally, it was concluded that sampling technique could be a subject of error.

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The work Scholarly Competency is dedicated to the question of matrix-like organizations. The author analyzed a work belonging to Neishem, Olsen, and Tobiassen. In the part Academic Justification, the author designated that the main concern of business organizations was sharing of knowledge and experience among workers. Also the importance of motivation was mentioned. As an example, the Norwegian experience is given. In Literature Review, the author analyzed early works and concluded thatknowledge application were based on three influencing factors: community management, motivation, and line support. In Research Question, the author points out, that this work is aimed at identifying how the process of applying knowledge in matrix-like companies can contribute. The author analyses the Findings of the work and reaches a conclusion that evidence, derived from the participants, proves the accuracy of the hypothesis. Highly intrinsically motivated workers are more interested in share of information (Nesheim, Olsen, Tobiassen, 2011, p. 846). In addition, the author concurs with the reseachers that social-oriented management with open environment and free commucication is the best practice.

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Finally, it should be noted the depth and breadth of research conducted by the author before. In the early works, there is not only consideration of organizational issues, but also psychological approaches to solving the problem of human resource management. Analyzing the work, the author also describes his opinion of them, notes the positive and negative aspects. The resulting material can be a basis for writing new works in the future.

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