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Welcome to MM society. I am here to present you the first society on Mars. Why is it MM? MM means Mars Marx society. As you see, it is based on the principles of Marx’s theory. First, let me show you the map. As you see, there are several blocks, which are separated from each other by a fence. It is necessary because of the division of classes. I will pay more attention to it further. Every block has several buildings, a factory, fields, cinema halls, and other places for work and entertainment.

All people are born equal and should be raised equal as well. That is the main idea on which the MM society is based. The Marx’s socialism theory has not found any support on the Earth (except for the former USSR, where it was transformed into communism); hence, we decided to create such society on Mars. I suggest it is a good theory to base a society on. The main task nowadays is to make the planet appropriate for other humans who are living on Earth. Sending volunteers here would be too costly. That is why we decided to create a society, which will help to organize new life here. We want to make Mars’ society different from the one on Earth. We want to avoid what humans did on Earth. Marx’s theory will help us make all people equal.

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Every member of the society has a task, which should be done daily. Every person receives tasks in the morning. The point is that people are bored when doing something monotonous every day. We try to change their activities. Children do small work too. It is unacceptable that a person does nothing every day. All the adult members of the society have two days-off a week, whereas children have only one day-off – they spend one day studying. Besides, adult members of the society and children have vacations. Every year, adult members are allowed to spend their free time with children, friends and relatives.

There is no money. People use only time they have worked; it is the only currency in the society. Meet Hanna. She is one of the best factory workers in the MM society. Let us talk to her about “payment”. I think it is the best way for you to understand everything.

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- Hallo, Hanna! How are you? Where are you going?

- Hi! I am heading to the department store. I want to buy a new pin.

- And what is the price?

- As far as I remember, a pin costs ten minutes.

- What do you mean ten minutes? May you please explain us the process?

- Well, I am not good at it. Nevertheless, I will try. We do not have money, as we had on Earth. Instead, we have working hours. You work, count the hours you have worked and then you know what you can buy. Every day, I work for ten hours. This time is enough to buy food, clothes, spend time with friends, visiting cinema or concert halls.

- Thanks Hanna. It was nice to meet you. Bye!

- You are welcome. Bye!

Now you see how the system works. The good thing is that every person works the same amount of time. We have a ten hours working day. This time is enough to produce everything our people need for living and not make them too tired.

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The MM society is the society that has everything to exist without any outer help. We have factories that produce clothes and food, and gardens where fruit and vegetables grow. We have directors who are responsible for movies. Obviously, the society is growing; hence, nowadays there are not many high quality movies. In this case, we borrow Earth movies from Hollywood.

Do you remember, I told you that there were several blocks? Now, I will tell you why we need them. The point is that there are people, who cannot cope with a ten hours working day. First, it is the elderly. One block is for them. They do work, however, not as much as before. They live in a separate block, because there are stores where everything is cheaper than in the blocks of adults. Children live together with their parents. However, they go to another block to work and study. We do that so no adult has a temptation to do a child’s task, which is much simpler.

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Obviously, there are several challenges. First, every person will want to have something more than there is in the stores. In this case, we change all the goods in the stores. For example, yesterday, we have changed the clothes store assortment. Women and men will go today after work and renew their looks. We do that every two months. Another challenge is that there are those, who want to work more to get more; simply put, there are workaholics. In this case, we propose them to be volunteers. They can visit other blocks to help children or the elderly. There are also those, who do not want to work. In this case, we have nothing to do but ask them to leave the society.

The members of our society are free do everything they want, but only when they are not working. The concept of free will is not acceptable in the society. The point is that if someone does whatever he or she wants, the other members of the MM society will follow this example. In the end, the society will be destroyed. We try to control what the members of the society do, but not too strictly.

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The MM society is a young one. I hope that in several years, we will become isolated from the outer world, so that no harmful influence would come into the community. I guess that we will face even more problems that I have mentioned before. However, people are glad to be members of the MM society. Therefore, they will strive to make it better.

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