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Young Goodman Brown

Nathaniel Hawthorne extensively uses symbolism to present the nature of human beings. The first symbol used to represent human nature is the name of Goodman’s wife, Faith. It is quite clear that the name refers to Goodman’s life, humanity, and faith in God. Faith’s character is also inconsistent, and her character cannot be described by her name. She is innocent and angelic based on Goodman’s definition, ‘a blessed angel on earth’. She is represented as a growing child who is yet to grow. With growth, from childhood to adulthood, a child is expected to lose the innocence. Faith’s character develops throughout the story, and she exploits innocence in children moving from one stage to another. When one grows into adulthood, they see things differently compared to the time when they used to see the same things.

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Young Goodman Brown also shows this development from childhood to adulthood; he is forced to see things differently. He gets to know his father better and gets to know that he is not the pillar of morality he as he once thought. Young Goodman Brown realizes that the adults and elders were not as pure and righteous as they used to be when he was young. His eyes are opened, and he learns the realities of human nature. Through the words of Satan, human beings are represented as sinful by nature. Goodman feels disappointed by the sinful nature of human beings. He is disappointed in himself too; he realizes that both he and Faith were equally evil. He knows the side of his life that he hates and loses the enthusiasm he had earlier had on life and human nature. The story represents the loss of innocence and development of a more pessimistic outlook on life. These elements represent the nature of all persons. Human beings are bound to see things and people differently at different stages of life.

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Rose Maxson’s Character in August Wilson’s “Fences”

Rose Maxson is represented as a secondary character by August Wilson after Troy, the main character. Despite the fact that she is not a major character in “Fences”, she appears to be a round character. She is Troy’s wife and a good home maker in that she does most of the cleaning and cooking at home apart from taking care of Cory, Troy’s second child. Rose is the representation of nurturing, care, and compassion of a mother; she shows love to her family and devotion in relationships. She shows desire to change the society based on her constant volunteer work in church despite her age. She appears to be a fair character; unlike Troy, her judgments are not biased. She appears to be obedient but does not let Troy walk over her. For instance, when Troy makes inappropriate sexual comments in front of company, she lets him know she is not pleased. When he similarly exaggerates stories, she moderates him accordingly.

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Rose also cuts off Troy when she agrees to nurture Raynell; after this incidence, their relationship with Troy changes. There appears to be distance between them. The fact that Troy had had a mistress could have contributed to the change in attitude between the two characters. Despite the fact that She is still very loving to the family, she loses the love she once had for her husband. Rose is also a realist unlike the husband, Troy; she does not long for the old memories they had had. She is also represented as an unromantic partner towards the end. However, she supports the son, Cory, even joining football. She demonstrates a number of characters throughout the story despite being a secondary figure. She wishes a better future for the family despite the present hurdles they were facing.

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