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Controlling Access

Risk management consulting is essential for business organizations since it assists in the prioritization, assessment, and identification of various risks facing it. After making compelling risk management evaluations, a company can indulge in coordinated and economic follow-up utilizing necessary resources to monitor, minimize, and eliminate any future hazards. It is essential for the organization to apply risk management techniques since the latter help it attain some of the set goals by reducing any distractions or loss-making practices. Risk management (defined as ISO 31000) will allow the firm to mitigate increasing risks efficiently and capitalize on in compliance with its business mission to improve profitability. Applying risk management to the given organization entails controlling, managing, and using cloud and other available resources to avert and mitigate risks.

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Managing and Controlling the Use of Cloud Resources

The use of cloud computing in the world of information technology (IT) and informatics involves Internet-based computing that provides resource sharing. Based on the technological principle also referred to as on-demand computing, it is possible to provide data and information to various computers within a given network. These interconnections and data sharing allow for universal and on-demand access to various shared technological resources, including services, networks, servers, storage, and applications. Notably, cloud computing ensures that computers in a network get access to these assets in a timely and effortless manner. It is therefore a useful means, through which the organization can manage risks using enhanced security through encryption and authorization codes, as well as minimize the risk of unauthorized access to physical data, including books and files. In addition, cloud computing saves storage space and improves access time economically.

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As a means to avert and handle organizational risks, cloud computing helps control and manage them by ensuring that data are secure. When the firm chooses to store its confidential information on the cloud server, it will minimize risks of unauthorized access and theft protecting it with the help of encryption keys and access codes. Using such measures to protect data, especially of a large multinational organization, is essential since it helps eliminate threats of breaches, spying, phishing, and theft. In addition, encrypted security keys will protect company’s data from sabotage and reduce any losses that may be consequential. At the time of global competitiveness, when corporations may be tempted to steal vital information from their competitors, there is a necessity to protect it for the benefit of the company and clients as well.

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Moreover, using cloud computing as a means of risk assessment and management will benefit the business and save storage space and any resultant costs associated with it. Since data and information are stored in secure servers, some of which may be within company’s premises, while others may not, organizations reduce the amount of space they would have used if they had opted to store in files. Cloud servers have the ability to store vast quantities of data on their backup hard drives that require a lesser storage capacity as opposed to keeping physical files. For the organization, the option of using cloud servers instead of physical files has benefits of averting the theft of data, saving storage space, cutting costs associated with backups, and eliminating the loss of data through fires or natural catastrophes. Moreover, it is easier to retrieve and make multiple backups of clouded data to recover any lost information quickly.

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Cloud computing and the use of other service providers will allow the organization to process its information using servers outside its physical location. The enterprise will be provided with the ability to process data in third-party data centers eliminating any risks of spying. Notably, using data centers also eases the creation of centrally placed storage and processing units, where all servers can access them without any delay (Dustdar, 2016). For some service providers assessing and managing risks, using data centers is crucial in controlling losses and spying. On the other hand, the company can generate extra profit if it chooses to rent out some of its cloud servers to other interested parties.

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Recommendations to Control Mobile Access

Risk management strategies of the organization require controlling and monitoring mobile access to its customers and users. With the sophistication of technology for the benefit of both data handlers and cyber criminals, the company ought to take keen measures to approach the issue of mobile accessibility with utmost precaution. It may opt for using strategies that include authorized keys, passwords on computers, servers, and routers, and limited access to any unauthorized personnel.

The best measure that may help eliminate data hacks and unauthorized access to company’s customers and users is installing security keys and passwords. For the organization, mobile access poses risks of ease and subtle data theft without leaving traces to detect a criminal. Moreover, mobile access may be gained remotely allowing cyber criminals to access confidential data from comforts of home. Therefore, the company that retains customer data, such as social security keys, debit card, and credit card information, or driver’s license records, is recommended to install passwords and firewalls in its operating systems.

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Furthermore, the company is recommended to limit access to its private data to as small and limited personnel as possible. Arguably, customer and user information is very vital, and any leak and hack will have devastating effects on the organization and its clients. The one ought to ensure that it limits the number of individuals who have access to its records and those who secure the latter to avoid risks of losing crucial data. These persons should be very keen to notice any breaches in the system and curb them before they cause harm (Zissis & Lekkas, 2012). Moreover, the firm should randomly change access codes to ensure that criminals cannot use them when they wish.

Addressing Issues with Business Partners

Business partners and stakeholders are the fundamental backbone of company’s daily running. Managers have the authority to discuss any matters that may affect the organization on its behalf. Some issues that may require addressing by business partners include profits and losses ratios, operational costs, growth and expansion, and the management of risks that may affect the security of system interconnection. Eliminating these problems may call for an annual or monthly meeting of company’s top business associates and may at times include buyers and suppliers. Overall, they should discuss various measures that may be taken to improve efficiency and enhance profitability and data security.

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While addressing any issues at hand, managers must initially ensure that meetings are conducted in a confidential manner without any intruders. Doing so will prevent company’s private data and information from being stolen or leaked to unnecessary third parties. On the other hand, managers ought to make sure that they meticulously explain the issues to the present business partners and that the latter are acutely aware of such problems. Finally, after the discussion has been completed, it is essential to come up with the best proposals to address challenges for the growth and profitability of the firm (Wadham & Warren, 2013). For the secure interconnection of systems, business partners should sign a non-disclosure agreement to prevent any leak of information.

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Risk management for the organization is necessary since it helps eliminate, prioritize, and assess various hazards. Firms that use IT for their daily activities should realize multiple risks that are involved on top of its benefits. The given company ought to strategize on some of the best means of handling risks and improving efficiency. It should consider regularly maintaining and upgrading its security system to come up with risk management strategies while also reassuring business partners of security.

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