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Crisis Management

Scenario is based on approach of planning method which is used in making flexible long term plans. The first step in designing this approach is examining the result from environmental analysis to find out the important factors determining the nature of the future environment of the organization. The second stage is to link those factors to get a meaningful framework. The factors obtained in the first stage are arranged into essential groups. An initial mini scenario is obtained, and the connection between the groups is identified. Then scenarios are reduced to two or three scenarios and are tested for viability, and written up in a suitable form. The final stage is to identify the arising issues. This approach is used in making flexible long term plans, and it is not applicable in emergency planning (Fink & American Management Association, 1986).

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Function based planning approach focuses on factors limiting people’s ability to care for themselves during emergency cases. It provides for people with special need during, after and before an emergency, through assessment of their functional restrictions according to the broad category of medical care, communication, maintaining independence, transport and supervision (Gupta, 2006).

Capability based planning is an analytical approach used to enhance the quality of available information to people who make decisions. It adds structure to their vision and breaks them down into attainable capabilities. The analytical process involves collecting mandates and grouping them in accordance to the database. Then there is examining of possible property of transformation requirements and creating an expectation of the capabilities. It is followed by capability development and gap analysis. Finally, it creates a strategic dashboard for executive level of decision makers. It is used to focus on the final state since it requires actions to be done and it does not indicate the equipment which has to be replaced. This approach cannot be used for planning where the focus is based on material solution (Gottschalk, 2002).

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SWOT analysis is a structured method used in planning to determine, threats, weaknesses, strengths and opportunities in a business venture or project. This analysis involves specifying project or business objectives determining internal and external factors unfavorable and favorable to attaining the objectives. The approach is used in situations requiring making a decision where a desired final goal is defined. SWOT cannot be used in situations where decision makers cannot identify opportunities, risks or assess threats (Bensoussan & Fleisher, 2008).

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