Free «Final Assignment: The Job of Human Resources Manager» Essay Paper

Final Assignment: The Job of Human Resources Manager

Proper human resource management is an important part of any business, and modern businesspeople pay due attention to this post. After all, the company's success often depends on the personnel who work there, their culture, education, behavior, and performance. These factors need to be monitored constantly and very carefully. Human resources manager, on the one hand, is the person, who controls employees, and, on the other hand, the one who creates more comfortable working conditions for them. It is important to remember that the task of the HR manager is not only to punish the guilty or irresponsible workers but also to encourage those who deserve it and motivate all personnel to quality work. This paper reveals some situations associated with a job of human resources manager.

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Dealing with the Bullying Issue

The hotel business is one of the most profitable but very time-consuming processes, and it requires an investment of many resources (Boardman & Barbato, 2008). Accordingly, such businesspersons expect their clients will be satisfied with all the services provided and would be willing to pay money to stay in this place more times. However, most of the customers are sure that the quality of service is not less important than the tasty and healthy food, cozy rooms and all the other additional options. Therefore, if visitors of the five-star hotel, who paid a high cost to get the best conditions, are faced with rudeness or abuse by staff, for sure they will choose another accommodation for their next visit. The purpose of the entrepreneur is the winning of new customers and retaining existing ones. Violation of the staff is contrary to this goal and makes it impossible. Therefore, the hotel is deprived of profit, respect, and popularity.

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In addition, an important factor is the fact that the hotel in which bullying happens is a five-star place. The conquest of each new star costs huge efforts and resources to the organization. Accordingly, the requirements to hotels increase significantly with the advent of each new star in their status, and the slightest violation of these requirements can lead to the business’s deprivation of these stars. Upon receipt of the certificate on the availability of status of a five-star hotel, it is necessary to undergo a rigorous test for an organization. In the UAE, where the hotel under discussion is located, even three-star hotels have a high comfort level of service and provide a wide range of services. Conditions in the five-star hotels really need to be perfect in order for the business to remain competitive among other expensive hotels. Hotels with five stars are obliged to ensure perfect cleanliness, a wide and exquisite variety of dishes at their restaurants, room grooming and surrounding areas such as lawns, swimming pools, gyms, and other places. The staff of the organization is responsible for all these measures. In addition, in the case of violation of the rules or improper performance of the duties, the quality of all services in the company is significantly reduced, which can often lead to the decrease of hotel class.

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To eliminate the culture of bullying throughout the hotel, the HR manager must develop a system of incentives and penalties for employees. For misconduct ones should have consequences in the form of serious penalties, warnings, reprimands, fines, and dismissals. Moreover, the behavior of employees, which corresponds to the image of the hotel and helps it to maintain its status, should be rewarded. Furthermore, if the HR manager has found that all members of the serving team treat their work carelessly, and violation of the rules has become for them a kind of tradition, it is necessary to fully update the composition of the staff. If the manager upgrades the personnel but there still remains at the office at least one-tenth of an inveterate violator, they will continue to spread the culture of bullying and spoil discipline of new workforces (Ontario Safety Association for Community Healthcare, 2009). Certainly, the manager cannot allow groundless dismissal of employees, however, if the HR manager has actually witnessed repeated violations of the order, he/she has every reason to fire all those responsible. In addition, those whose duties are performed faulty can also be subjected to layoffs. For example, conscientiously cleaned rooms can be grounds for dismissal of a house cleaner. With these reforms, the HR manager must obtain a new professional, prepared, educated, friendly and welcoming team that will be able to serve visitors of the high-quality hotel.

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Grievance Procedure

As for the complaints procedure, it is very important for every enterprise. The main objective of any business is the best customer satisfaction among similar organizations. Thus, every enterprise seeks to learn about the desires and needs of its clients. Huge funds are invested in determining the attitude of customers to the company, their experiences, requests or complaints. Sometimes clients are faced with extraordinary situations or problems that need to be addressed urgently. Ignoring of such an incident is unacceptable for any self-respecting organization. The client must be able to address the company with his/her complaint and to be heard. The sooner the firm will respond to the customer's comment and take action the easier it will be able to stay reputable in the eyes of public.

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First, every client needs to know where he/she should turn for complaining; the company must always specify the e-mail address or phone number of support. Second, the customer leaving the complaint must be informed about how soon the application will be considered and he/she will receive a response or troubleshooting. Further, support service must determine who should be blamed for the error that occurred and who should fix it. After reviewing and eliminating of all troubles, the question of how to avoid a repetition of the problem and punish the culprits, if any.

Firstly, it is important to show the client that his/her opinion is significant for a company, as the staff should not only listen but also satisfy his/her demands. It demonstrates to customers that their money will not be wasted on useless services, and the firm carries out all its duties in good faith, even when a certain force majeure happens. Secondly, the correct organizing grievance process will quickly identify the employee who is guilty of the error occurred or a staff member who is able to correct this situation. If the company has a position the duties of which include timely consideration of complaints and addressing them, then every complaint will not remain unnoticed, which is very important for the firm.

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The company where the grievance procedure is adjusted and works flawlessly has several advantages. Firstly, it has the respect of customers and a positive image in their eyes, and, therefore, is highly competitive. Secondly, it has the ability to track and monitor the work of staff from different areas and take action to improve their score. In addition, the last one is the fact that there is no conflict about who should be responsible for the problem or its elimination in the company (The Stationary Office, 2009).

Analysis of the Extent and Nature of Employee Involvement and Participation Practices at Qatar Airways

Participation of employees in the business’s affairs is an important element for the development of the company. Researchers have shown that workers whose income is directly related to the volume of the firm’s profits show more initiatives to improve certain processes in the organization. Such employees have a stronger internal motivation, resulting in increased effectiveness. Thus, companies where staff members have a high degree of participation are more successful than those in which the administration does not encourage workers’ initiative (Bhatti, Nawab, & Akbar, 2011). That is why one of the tasks of the HR manager is not only analysis of the participation of personnel but also stimulating the maximum possible and effective involvement of employees in firm’s affairs.

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The best method for the analysis of degree and the nature of employee participation and involvement in the practice of Qatar Airways is conducting a survey of personnel in order to clarify such figures as the employee participation in the discussion of important for the company problems, how often management carries out formal and informal meetings with subordinates, how often the views of staff are taken into account and others (Hodgkinson, 1999). To monitor the level of workers’ involvement in the development of the business, the HR manager can be a direct link between the laborers and administration. It means that workers with initiative must give their ideas via the HR manager to the top management. Thus, the human resource manager will be able to keep account of the proposals and suggestions, which have proved useful and have been accepted by the administration and record who of the employees is the most or least active and the administration responds to the initiative of personnel.

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Summing up, it should be noted that the position of manager in human resources management is very important for the company and that how well he/she does his/her work has a huge impact on the image of the business, its operations and profitability. Dealing with violation of discipline, encouraging the staff to be interested in the success of the firm, assessment of the degree and nature of employee participation in the entity and organization of the grievance procedure are the responsibilities of the HR manager. In addition, all this significantly affects the success of the company, its status, number of customers, popularity on the market, competitiveness and the resulting incomes.

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