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Human Resource Planning and Organizational Strategy

The activities of human resource planning are usually meant to enhance smooth operations between the management and the employees. It is often achieved through the implementation of the organization policies and regulations that relate to the organization strategic plan. The critical resources that an organization poses must be used optimum to achieve success (Deb, 2006). The financial strategic planning plays a key role in making sure that there is a proper coordination of activities between the human resource planning sector, financial planning sector and the strategic cooperative sector (Secord, 2003). This paper seeks to discuss the relationship between the human resources planning activities vis-a-vis the strategic development goals and activities together with the implementation of the organization mission and vision. The eight elements of the staffing process have also been discussed below with regard to the four main human resource planning activities.

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There are three main aspects of human resource planning in the wake of making strategies for implementation of development goals. The vision and mission of the organization are encompassed within the corporate strategic development plan. It includes the strategic plan of technological advancement where the initiatives involved are mainly meant to be obtained, maintained and then adopted (Secord, 2003). The human resource strategic planning, on the other hand, attracts the initiatives to be implemented. These initiatives are later developed and retained for the benefit of the organization. Another part of the organization development agenda is the financial planning. It involves the generation and management of ideas and forecasting the financial success of the organization. All these three aspects are very critical in the development and implementation of a strategic plan of any given organization (Secord, 2003).

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The eight elements of staffing include planning of the human resource activities in the organization followed by a competitive recruitment process to fill the vacant positions within an organization. This selective process is usually carried out with the intent of getting the right person for the right job. Selection begins with an advertisement for an open opportunity. This process is followed by application and then shortlisting of candidates for interview after they have been subjected to in-depth testing (Deb, 2006). The best candidate is then offered a job opportunity. This process of identifying a potential employee from a poll of applicants is called selection. The employees who have been selected are then subjected to training with the aim of developing their skills and competence in their respective roles and duties. It is usually beneficial to the organization as it results into good outcomes and thus improves the competitive edge of an organization within a given market.

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All new employees are often subjected to an orientation process that helps them learn the operations, procedures and policies of the organization they are joining. The employees are usually introduced into the organization where the duties and roles are demonstrated. They get the opportunity to meet their co-workers who prepare them for their respective warm environment. This orientation program is usually done by very senior or experienced personnel within the organization. A successful orientation leads to fast learning process of the organization’s operations resulting into increase in productivity per employee (Secord, 2003).

Training and development follow the intention of routine improvement in the skills and knowledge of the employees to cope up with the relevant up to date technological advancements in the market fields where the organization carries out its activities. The trainings may be focused on formal education, mentoring of the junior employees, formation of professional associations, attending professional workshops or offering employees sick-leave certificates (Secord, 2003).These trainings help improve the skills and knowledge, boost the pride and morale of the employees that in turn result into more quantity and quality production. The motivation that the employees get helps them get more chances to advance in their career paths. In the case the organization is not in a position to cope up with the emerging trends and technologies in the market, it is likely to lose a significant portion of its market share. It will drastically affect its operations and performance.

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In addition, performance appraisal is essential. It is the process of matching the roles and activities of every individual employee and then comparing them with the actual outcome with the aim of determining the actual performance of the employees. It helps the organization identify avenues of growth, and whether to reward or warn the employees. In addition, places where the relationships between the supervisor and the employee should be enhanced and an opportunity for understanding the expectations of the employees are identified. Any success that is attributed to the trainings conducted in the past and the need for extra training is also considered. It helps the organization identify performance improvement plans (Aswathappa & Ghuman, 2010). The employees who perform beyond expectations are usually rewarded while those who do not meet the goals of management are warned or disciplinary action may be taken against them.

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Another vital element is compensation of the staff members of any organization, which may be in the form of remunerations, commissions, bonuses or salaries. These compensations are usually scaled within given terms and conditions that are agreed upon by the employee and the employer. Through this process, the performances of the employees are measured appropriately, and the employees are then rated, and the summaries are made. Several methods are used to determine the rating. Compensation is not only a legal aspect of staffing but is also a way of appreciating the work of the employees. It helps motivate the staff members so as to improve their productivity. Several decisions related to employment are then made to ensure continued retaining and attraction of employees. Trained employees need to be retained in the organization to help it recover the money spent on training them through their improved productivity. Those employees with good skill and expertise should also be attracted to the organization. All these decisions are very critical for the survival of an organization.

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