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Management Principles

Nowadays, management plays one of the most indispensable roles in the successful performance of various activities. It has become a real science, which many people are eager to study to become competitive leaders, as well as being a vital means with the help of which even the largest scale production is bound to be fulfilled. Although the term “management”is frequently used, it is almost impossible to give an exact definition of this phenomenon. Taken into account a great variety of possible meanings of this word presented by Murugan in his book, management encompasses many spheres and comprises different techniques to be considered with the aim of accomplishing any work perfectly well (2). Moreover, this complicated phenomenon implies some peculiar tactics, which one has to know and without which the act of managing is impossible; thus, everybody has to learn much about this concept before putting its effective ideas into practice. Consequently, appropriate management is the crucial key to excellent implementation of any process. However, it does require precise adherence to main principles and strategies to be conducted on a very high level.

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One of the leading principles concerning management is certainly planning. In accordance with Murugan, it entails setting different objectives and making decisions, which will lead to desirable results (41). This strategy seems to be rather useful and it is advisable to always try to refer to planningwhenever the situation implicates it. For example, every time the task is to write an essay or to carry out a survey, I always start with elaborating an effective plan. First of all, I think over my mission: setting definite goals and imagining the accomplished result that I want to gain afterwards. Secondly, I choose necessary tactics carefully and select possible ways by means of which I will reach the target. This activity is very efficient since it helps concentrate and allocate all the resources in a right way. What is more, it is highly-motivating for one can conceive the outcome of his/her great work and get a real inspiration for subsequent creations.

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The next important step relating to productive management is organizing. This principle requires foundation of methods and tactics due to which one is inclined to gain a desired aim. Speaking about personal experience, I consider presence of the exact strategy to be the most important part of every efficacious management. Whenever the class of mine receives some collective projects, we always think about proper organization of our work. I suppose that the most difficult task is to allocate responsibilities among all members of the class and to build a proper chain of commands afterwards. Since I own some skills in distributing the duties, it happens that my constant task is to determine the assignment for everyone in my class. Moreover, I often refer to organizing in my everyday life. While planning some huge parties, it is vital that there should be a strategy carried out to assuage the preparations. For instance, it is necessary to find a person who will be responsible for the music, a person who will take care of food and drinks, a person whose task will be to inflate the balloons and invent competitions. Due to organizing, the process of any work of mine becomes more effective, profound, and rapid.

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The third significant compound of management is leadership. If to talk about myself, I find this principle rather tough and not everyone can boast of the ability to arrange work of one’s subordinates. According to Griffin,only people who have already completed some special teaching courses and who possess sufficient working expertise can be leaders of any activity (250). Although I believe that I own some organizational talent and being a leader sounds interesting and distinctive for me. It is very challenging to supervise the performance of the exact process. Frankly speaking, I come across the duties of a chief quite often in my ordinary life and try to cope with them as well as I can. For example, being the leading person in school projects requires hard work since I have to accomplish my personal task on a high level as well as direct the work of my classmates. Sometimes, it is quite rigorous for one has to find accurate words to motivate his/her subordinates to do their best. Also, my duty is to provide my colleagues with a piece of useful advice, identify and point out their mistakes, and discuss obstacles faced during the fulfillment of their work. The best example of leaders in my life can be our teachers since they combine both great professionalism and some personal organizing traits with a view to giving a helping hand during not easy studies.

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The least, but not the last indispensable principle of management is controlling. The main function of it, according to Flamholtz, is the possibility to gain the desirable target with the least expenses of the resources used (3). Being a student, I have never controlled the work of other people in the full sense of this word. I have already tried my strength in writing various essays when I had a special scientific supervisor who monitored my work and gave me detailed instructions what I actually had to do. In school life, I usually consider myself to be my personal executive for I am old enough to manage my work productively and progressively. I always start mornings by writing my personal duties for the current day and then strictly adhere to the notes during the time mentioned. I firmly believe that compliance with this principle alleviates my work and shortens the time wasted while carrying it out. When I was a small child, my mother used to take care of me and I always felt her precise control. However, I did not like that as it limited my freedom. No matter what job I will occupy in my future, I know that there will be someone who will examine and monitor my work.

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