Free «Management: Trust and the Success of an Organization» Essay Paper

Management: Trust and the Success of an Organization


Trust has been argued to contribute to the success of an organization. Most successful companies are dependent on the faith that people have in them. The paper discusses an extent to which trust is important to a business by posing various questions that provoke critical thinking about the topic. Furthermore, it will include a personal reflection of the issue and the challenges experienced in the project process and the interaction with the viewers.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the likely outcome when people and companies surround themselves with individuals who believe in what they believe in?

a) They become more confident to take risks and experiment and explore, and, in addition, trust emerges.

b) They become so comfortable and relaxed that they stop working because they know the people will work for them.

c) They become more and more unethical because they know that even if they do something wrong people will still believe in them.

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d) Companies become divided as they consider the success to be their own and not the collective effort, and they stop involving members of community into the the companies activities.

2. What is the source of trust that people have in an organization?

a) Trust arises from a sense of mutual beliefs and values that can either be position-based, affect-based or even cognitive-based.

b) Trust emerges from the companies’ skillful and talented personnel.

c) Trust emerges because the company has a lot of wealth and a large revenue and has many employees and operates in many countries of the world.

d) Trust is built through marketing and advertisements. A company that conducts promotions is likely to have trust from customers and the community at large.

3. Why is trust important for an organization?

a) Trust gives a company confidence to discover and become more assertive to take risks.

b) Trust makes an organization more unethical because of the perception that people will still continue trusting in them.

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c) Trust makes an organization more consumer-oriented.

d) Trust affects organization’s commitment and performance negatively demotivating it.

4. Why is it that the biggest challenge that an organization faces is its own success?

a) Founders of the organization stop trusting in themselves after they have achieved their goals and start trusting other people who do not believe in them and make decisions based on what they believe in.

b) Success makes the founders of an organization more distrustful towards each other.

c) A company is distracted by its success because it becomes more proud of its achievements and starts praising itself for them.

d) Success is achieved through unjust means and exploitation of customers, and, therefore, they feel that they cannot maintain the success.

5. What are some of the signs of split syndrome in an organization?

a) The organizations start focusing on what their competitors are doing instead of what they themselves are doing.

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b) The company becomes more dynamic perhaps because when it is divided, each section can work well without the other.

c) Organization where there is a split is likely to be trusted, and more and more people believing in it.

d) Employees become more cooperative, and a business attracts more customers.

6. What are the differences in the way people used to carry out business earlier and how it is carried out today?

a) In the past, people could trust each other more and worked for common good while nowadays, people stop trusting each other

b) Individuals have become distrustful of each other. Selfish behavior grows as the organization develops, and the split continues.

c) There are more regulations controlling the way business is carried out today than before.

d) The management that is responsible for steering the organizations is not well-trained, and employees also lack training especially in the use of technology.

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7. What is the role of technology in organizations?

a) Individuals believe that technology can do business for them; thus, it is dreadful for creating human contacts and again it is difficult to create trust using technology.

b) Technology is everything, and a company that utilizes technology does not need to use the traditional means.

c) Technology helps in making work easier, and thus, the best method to use in an organization as it saves its money that can be used for business trips.

d) Technology replaces human contacts in the most effective and inexpensive manner.

8. How can an organization utilize technology effectively to contribute to its success?

a) By using it to motivate an organization to grow.

b) By conducting video conferences instead of making business trips.

c) By letting technology to replace human contacts and, instead, communicate through emails, social media and the Internet.

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d) By using technology to supervise and give instructions to the employees. Most of organizations think that computer is all what they need to get work done.

9. What are some of the strategies that an organization can adapt to become more trustworthy?

a) To have trust in itself. No one can believe in you if you do not have faith in yourself and do not follow your values and beliefs.

b) To produce quality products.

c) To start increasing salary and improve terms of employment for the workers.

d) To give promotions and participate in community activities so as to please the members of the society.

10. How does trust affect organization commitment?

a) The individual’s trust in an organization increases the possibility that an emotional tie will grow.

b) Employees become less committed to the organization’s tasks and duties.

c) Workers who have trust in a company become demotivated especially by believing in an organization that is not trusted by people.

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d) Trust builds commitment only for a while and is lost after sometime because, occasionally, an organization cannot sustain it.

Guided Discussion Questions

Why do most of the admired companies across the world have good reputation and trust from the people and community in which they operate?

Some of the well-known international companies include Apple, Nike, IBM, Amazon, Google and Microsoft (Stephen 227). These organizations have established themselves as the most outstanding among others. People trust them and the products they manufacture. The companies operate in the environment where they are surrounded by people who share the same beliefs. Their CEOs build trust in their abilities and influence other people to have faith in their inspirations and visions. For example, Tim Cooks, the CEO of Apple Inc., understands the importance of having opinions and values that are similar to the ones of the people that trust him. Since he has taken over the leadership, he has been working harder to demonstrate the organization’s values.

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Moreover, these companies have been able to explore various markets confidently and have succeeded in establishing themselves in over 200 ones across the whole world. They take risk in trying new products and exploiting different markets even if, at first sight, there are no chances of success (Stephen 223). They experiment with diverse methods of producing their goods knowing that the communities that surround them believe in them. Bold steps taken by these companies explain the importance of trust in an organization. Up to date, the mentioned organizations and several others have remained the leading ones in their industries. They have very high profit margins and record sales in the globe market.

How have successful companies managed technology and, at the same time, maintained people’s trust?

In spite of most successful companies using technology to run their operations, they have tremendously succeeded in building and maintaining trust. Running operations and sales in many countries means that technology must be involved for faster work. These organizations have greatly utilized technology to carry out sales across the word; however, this does not rule out the fact that they have human interactions with their employees and customers. They have operating offices in all countries where they produce their goods. Their CEOs supervise all operations by personally visiting all countries where they work. Furthermore, they have many employees who oversee the processes in different states and report to them. Finally, they hold business forums where they directly interact with people and various stakeholders.

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Individual Reflection on the Project

Challenging Features

It was difficult to explain to viewers how trust contributes to the success of a business. For them, trust is not necessary. Most believe that having skillful personnel is what is important and what causes an organization to grow efficiently. It was also challenging to figure out how technology leads to a failure of a business due to overreliance on it. Understanding the concept of trust and business is generally not easy because of the dynamics of both the business world and the technology.

Influence of Project on the Perspective on the Topic

Trust is important for an organization growth. A company can do better in an environment where people believe in the business’s values. It is vital to trust in yourself as an organization so that other people can have faith in you. Sharing common beliefs and principles is a key source of trust. People that live within the community and believe in a business are the source of its inspiration and success. It is not all about capacities and skills that matters but having individuals who share your opinions and trust you. Split in an organization occurs when it stops trusting and believing in itself.











Concentration of a company on its values instead of focusing on what the competitors are doing can greatly contribute to its success. The existence of an organization depends on its capacity to interact with its customers and employees.

Learning Experience Influence on Perspectives on Technology in Education in the 21st Century

Technology is good; it speeds up the process and procedure of doing things. It is also important in education since it enables information to be passed faster from one source to another. However, it is not the best system to use as it is not effective in creating impact. Technology does not encourage active involvement due to lack of personal contact. Human contact is an important aspect in learning; nevertheless, technology does not provide it. For example, when students are engaged into an online discussion with the teacher, and they cannot see the teacher, they do not take his/her instructions seriously are they may have wrong perception of the tutor since they cannot see him. There is a difference in perception in situations when students cannot see the teacher and when they can.. Learners become actively engaged when there is a direct supervision from their instructor. Human contact is a key when it comes to education. Strong bond is built between students and teacher where there is live communication. Technology falls short of this aspect, thus, making it not the best mode of teaching although it contributes a lot into education. Imagine doing experiment under the instruction by a teacher online. In such a situation, a student is likely not to get an accurate result since he may not follow guidance as needed, and the teacher cannot know whether the directions are followed at all.

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It is evident from the discussion that trust is an intangible possession that each organization needs to have to make impact on the community. A company needs to concentrate on its values and beliefs so as to inspire others to believe in them. Technology plays an extremely important role in the management of business; however, it denies companies an important aspect of human contacts. Organizations must emphasize the human interaction, live debates, more handshakes and business trips. Reflections on various questions help to point out the significance of an organization having common beliefs and values. There exists a correlation between justice and ethics. They complement each other, and an organization cannot succeed without both. They together create a good reputation for the company. Reputable organization is not a successful one but a trustworthy one.

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