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PTI Interpretation Exam

The use of assessments has become an accepted norm in human resource management (HRM). Yet, interpreting the results of such assessments is never possible without appropriate training. On the one hand, the importance of assessment results for hiring decisions can hardly be overstated. On the other hand, the results of such interpretations cannot guarantee the best selection and hiring results. In both cases, the quality of assessment interpretations is crucial for the future of staff practices within the organization. Therefore, HR specialists and leaders must take appropriate caution when sharing these results with applicants.

Interpreting PTI Assessment Results

As you have recently taken the PTI assessment, it is time to discuss its results. You should know that the PTI assessment does not offer and right or wrong answers. As with any other personality assessment, its purpose is simply to help you understand what you have and what you still need to develop or improve, as you are pursuing a leadership position. The results of this assessment can be compared to our workplace computers, which are all standardized but have different files. We are all humans, and we are all different, and the results of this assessment reflect a complex combination of the internal and external influences that eventually create your unique personality. Now let’s discuss the results of your Majors PTI.

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First, you should know that the Majors PTI is based on Jungian philosophy. This philosophy provides us with an easy understanding of our personality across four different dimensions or dichotomies. In each of the four dichotomies, we will assess your level of confidence, meaning the extent to which you believe that the results describe your personality. Second, you should know that the four dimensions included in the Majors PTI are the following: the way you distribute your psychological energy (extraversion or introversion), the way you deal with information (through sensing or intuiting), the way you make judgments and decisions (through thinking or feeling), and the way you manage your life (judgment or perception).

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The results of this self-assessment suggest that you prefer to focus your attention on and get your energy from internal sources, being an introvert. You prefer sensing as a method of dealing with new information. You ground your judgments on feelings rather than reasonable thinking. At the same time, you consider yourself to be a judgment-oriented personality when it comes to dealing with the external world. It is possible to conclude that your unique personality features provide you with a warm, caring attitude towards the reality. You know how to work hard and bring value to the team. You are ready to take the responsibility and act decisively. However, you cannot be totally secured from the risks of pessimistic reactions and stress.

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Strengths and Weaknesses the Person Will Bring to a Management Leadership Position

It should be noted that person using this assessment is applying for a management leadership position in a medium information technologies company. The company develops customized organizational management, workflow and skill-based solutions to assist companies in their HRM decisions. The information technologies industry changes rapidly, and a person working in a management leadership position within the company is expected to possess a high level of flexibility and change awareness, to be able to maintain organizational competitiveness and move ahead of time. Based on these expectations, the candidate has considerable advantages and certain weaknesses.

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On the one hand, the candidate has the style and attention needed to care about followers and monitor changes in the organizational and market environment. She is a hard worker, which is certainly one of the most important advantages of any job candidate. She can be focused on fulfilling important tasks and is ready to assume complete responsibility for her decisions and actions. On the other hand, she does not seem to be suitable for the proposed management leadership position because her character traits make her a better follower than a leader. The leadership style of the candidate is quite reluctant. Such leaders are not ready to induce and motivate a productive change. They are more likely to display compliance and agreement with the existing systems, structures, and cultures. They do not have the capacity to cause a positive organizational shift, and their striving to maintain workplace harmony by all means gives enough opportunities to stronger leaders, who are willing to capture and use this position for the benefit of the organization.

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Leadership Assessment

The results of this assessment seem to be particularly useful, when it comes to identifying and evaluating the most essential features of leadership personalities. Individuals who apply for management leadership positions in organizations must possess certain features that make them suitable for such positions. Leaders are expected to be ready to initiate a dramatic change, while maintaining a caring attitude towards their followers. At the same time, leaders must remember that the results of one assessment cannot be used as the basis for hiring decisions. The results of the Majors PTI must always be combined with other self-assessments and personality assessments, in order to create a better picture of the applicant’s personality and leadership style. The best thing to do is to use the triangle approach, which incorporates two interviews and the results of one assessment or two assessments and the results of one interview. Otherwise, the utility of the discussed assessment results will move closer to zero.

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