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Response to Claims of Discrimination

Beta Technology is an innovative company that provides technical knowledge to its clients. The organization believes in collaboration, excellence, honesty, integrity in employment, and more importantly, respect for workers. A primary objective of all employees working for Beta Technology is to attain a conducive working environment where everyone feels trusted and respected through fairness. The company is committed to maintaining a diversified workforce. It does not tolerate instances of discrimination based on race, color, ancestry, and age in employment-related decisions. Every organization should have policies and values that permit provision of equal employment opportunities to all qualified candidates without discrimination (Carroll & Miller, 2006). Beta Technology believes that success lies in employing a diverse workforce with the required qualities. During the process of hiring and recruitment, the company considers other aspects apart from work experience.

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Beta Technology is advocating zero tolerance of workplace violence. All the employees have the right to make complaints about upper management and co-workers without the fear of retaliation. The company has provided an open ground policy for workers to raise any grievances without fear. The method has been effective and efficient in reducing cases of discrimination and harassment. The policy has increased worker satisfaction and reduced discrimination claims. Furthermore, Beta Technology focuses on mid-level management to protect minority employees from harsh treatment at the hands of their colleagues at the workstation. The policy is also against any discrimination, be it due to race, color, gender, nationality, religion, and others (Whittle, 2002). Additionally, the company has a strong committee, which is effective in dealing with sensitive issues such as discrimination. The committee is transparent, fair and fights for employees’ rights by making sure that workers get justice.

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Mr. Garcia, who attended an interview for a clerical position in Beta Technology, filed discrimination charges alleging that he was discriminated based on gender and race against Title VII of the Civil Rights Act in Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. He claimed that he was the most qualified applicant for the clerical position but was denied the job due to his race and gender. He also stated that one of the company’s employees told that he was the most qualified candidate but was denied the chance. He alleged that it was due to his Hispanic race and being male that he lost the clerical position. It is true that Emilio Garcia had the best experience for the clerical position, but there were other crucial aspects to consider. Beta Technology bases its hiring practice on finding the best candidate for a particular job with the required qualifications. The recruitment process is fair and gives equal employment opportunities for all candidates. The company values computer skills more that experience based on resume and answering questions for the clerical position. Additionally, Beta Technology’s hiring decision also rests on the hourly rate stated by an applicant. The company did not discriminate Mr. Garcia in any way but he failed to meet the required qualifications. During the interview, the company clarified to Mr. Garcia that it does not discriminate any staff member and applicant due to gender or any other factors. On the contrary, the company has the workers of different ethnicities, including Hispanics. Mr. Garcia failed to get the clerical position due to the following reasons. Particularly, he lacked strong computer skills and his hourly rate of $22-$25 was higher than the normal rate paid for the position by Beta Technology. Thus, the company gave a higher priority to computer skills compared to personal experience for the same position.

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Through Beta Technology’s thorough investigation of the charges filed by Mr. Garcia, the organization found no evidence supporting his claims of discrimination due to race and gender. Thus, there was no malice in the recruitment process. The company gave all candidates equal chances for employment while upholding its hiring practice. If the hiring were based on the resume and answering questions, he could be the best candidate for the position. The candidate who was hired for the position had stronger computer skills though he had less experience compared to Mr. Garcia. The recruitment was mainly based on computer skills and an hourly rate of payment. There was nothing like race and gender discrimination during the hiring process. Moreover, the company’s policies and values prohibit discrimination of any kind toward employees or job applicants. There is no evidence to support the charges alleged by Mr. Garcia on race and gender discrimination. Therefore, Beta Technology is kindly requesting for the dismissal of the charges filed by Mr. Garcia.

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In conclusion, Beta Technology acknowledges the importance of fair recruitment and hiring. In addition, the organization recognizes the importance of collaboration, excellence, honesty, integrity, and impartiality. It is quite unfortunate that Mr. Garcia ended up feeling discriminated because of his gender and race. However, the company would wish to restate that there was no malice with regard to upholding the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. Although Mr. Garcia had considerable experience, his hourly rate and lack of computer skills made his candidacy void. The company recognizes all guidelines provided by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and wishes to have a diverse workforce and not to discriminate any candidate for whatsoever reason. Thus, Beta Technology would like to reaffirm Mr. Garcia and any other qualified candidate to feel free to apply for any vacancy posted on the company’s website.

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