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The Clean & Green-World Initiative


The need for the protection of environment is viewed as the priority agenda across the globe. It has received full attention from varied quarters even in the corporate sectors. Cutting across all sectors, cleaning of the environment is regarded as an important goal even among the modest initiatives adopted by several companies as they pursue ISO standards and certification. This has prompted the company to rally up this initiative by singling out necessities in terms of production, administration, procedures, materials, and frameworks in the business world. Just as any other company concerned about the environment, it has opted for cleaning and waste management in line with its business.  

The Overview

For decades, the management of waste has been a challenge to developed, developing and underdeveloped countries altogether. The concerns continue to arise regarding the costs of waste disposals as well as managing emission of carbon gases into the air. Advanced waste management techniques such as recycling offer options in terms of waste management action that ends up in circumvented disposal costs for the industry and government. It also presents significant perquisites including materials for new products made from recycled materials. Thus, the project dubbed Clean & Green-world as put forth by Mr. Ross has a clear mission of enhancing green belt movement and safeguarding the environment (Wheelwright & Clark 1992).

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The Purpose

The purpose of the project is to strengthen the relevance by coming up with policies, enhancing networks, developing market outlook and at the same time leveraging on the existing business infrastructure. It has sought the government’s license which will later turn into a tool for acquiring incentives. The company aims to conduct meetings and uphold its mission by assigning operating teams that handle informative programs and steady relationships with decision-makers and universities to assist in research activities while building its business rapport in the industry (Herhold 2015).

Thesis Statement

The project covers up a niche that was initiated due to rising demands and costs that have a negative impact on the environment. It is also cheap to take up the responsibility in the recycling industry since only a few companies operate in it. However, it could be an overwhelming task to handle its operations since most industries operating in the City of Michigan are involved in processing and manufacturing and thus are posing challenges of waste material disposal. Today, few industries across the globe have been in charge of the noble practice of protecting the environment with mild support from corporate businesses except for a few non-governmental agencies. For this reason, the project is carried out by mutual efforts pioneering for corporate social responsibility by cleaning the vicinity. It will grow roots and be the first company to think ‘green’, ultimately tapping into middle and lower markets and introducing its products and services as an auxiliary venture (Zhu, Cordeiro & Sarkis 2013).

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The vision of the company is to become a global frontier company, go green and engineer for waste management and recycling industry regarding the provision of job opportunities, investment, corporate social responsibility, and guaranteed access to sustainable markets for recyclable materials.


The Clean & Green-world market share and prominence can expand and strengthen its business grip by coming up with policies and networks and leveraging on existing infrastructure in waste management. Also, the initiative narrows down to specific missions that include a participatory culture that ensures a cohesive business and community development with a key goal of transforming the society. It aims to reach out to remote areas and corners of the city that often suggest that corporate business does not associate with a mission of ensuring clean environment. The project will enhance general perceptions of the customers regarding the company.

The Procedure of Initiating the Project

The Clean & Green-world project is based on business development analysis of opportunities and the issues common for the US recycling industry and above all reduction of pollution. The business evaluates this idea in line with the European resolution underscored and recommendations that guide the company’s major activities (Simmons & Gibson 2000).

Project Planning

The planned procedure identifies processes and phases that apply to the delivery of environmental awareness project as an advanced company in the U.S. The procedure also outlines methods and tools that can be applied to projects of varying size and scope in order to meet the customers’ demands. The idea of the project quality contains details on how the class processes the project implemented to ensure outputs are delivered according to the business goal. This is done by reassuring that management goals are administered in applicable advanced quality assurance, and by coming up with the criteria for the internal control outputs.

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A distinct plan will start off with a formulated integration to merge ideas of waste collection and recycling with a detailed quality project management. It will also consider the personnel, which is the key to the success of the initiative taking into account a small input of mechanization. Furthermore, it has expounded on communications framework that would explain its ideas to the market and give a clear understanding of why it ventured into recycling without raising concerns from stakeholders and interested parties.

Project Integration

Early on, Clean & Green-world stakeholders organize committees that will focus on the business environment, marketing and value chain that will look into capacity building in human resources, market focus and development concerns. The administration has also created execution plans and built up a meeting on sensitization programs that have been followed by other instructive efforts. They have promoted the organization through the media, seminars and issuing the permit for operation (Wheelwright & Clark 1992).

The company has developed relationships with governors of different states and advocated for the implementation of procedures that would benefit small wastage management businesses. The Clean & Green-world project will have a comprehensive, compelling rationale for the industry associates. The business is based on orchestrated and additionally formal structures. It has recognized accomplices for the next annual meeting to factor in. A strategic business and financial improvement gatherings, provision of instructions and coordinated efforts of policymakers of all levels are a top prerequisite. It is vital that trust among accomplices is developed at an opportune time and that the early phases of the proposition and plan improvement are comprehensive. Once controversial strategy issues emerge, these built up connections will be essential (Phillips 2013).

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As a potential business drive, it considers expanding recycling activity beyond collection and resale and provides decent conditions of employment. A more comprehensive strategy includes securing wastage project from Write Up Inc. paper mills for paper-making plants and products. Also, the strategy involves the State Government of Michigan in the erecting paper milling plant and encourages the use of recycles to make cardboard and tissue paper and also purchase crusher for glass bottles. Lastly, it looks forward to developing a corporate venture with the farmers from neighboring states to conduct a project with the support of NGOs. It is also essential to work with universities and professional colleges to secure leadership training and financial management training for the initiative. This can be achieved by doing a vocational training needs assessment of the project’s members and develop appropriate training opportunities.

Quality Control and Management

The quality management underscores the components of quality assurance and upholds the idea of quality project management processes as a game strategy. Secondly, the need to enhance quality control by developing agendum leads to desired quality of work conducted. Moreover, the implementation of quality management ensures the improved service delivery (Phillips 2013). 

Project Quality Assurance

Quality assurance in project management has been the cornerstone of the success of Clean & Green-world project. It is explained by the quality initiatives and the management processes such as the type of services provided, methodologies and the impact on the people (King County 2015). The project is an organization system for quality administration to assure quality endeavors in the long run with no loss of consistency. It remains vital for certain basic quality standards that associations have to meet and it is said to guarantee a predictable nature of production, administration, and procedures. It is important to note that the implementation of the project has the capacity of reacting rapidly and ensuring an effective presentation and support of the quality systems.

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A number of the advantages accruing from applying the quality management practices are focused on satisfying the consumers, enhancing product quality, boosting efficiency and in addition decreasing charge. Once the project becomes licensed, it will be in a powerful position to advertise adoption of quality operations and procedures. The company may receive accolades, acquire advertise quality recognition, and give a platform for current quality management endeavors. With this, there will be an increased need for progressing to some stakeholder-focused company procedures. The management will institute restructuring measures and ensure that the project is applied in line with 600 quality standards as outlined by the private sector, in addition to community segment agencies in different states.

Methodologies and Standards

The ISO 9001:2008 is a recognized standard for a Quality Management System (QMS) setting models worldwide. Owing this standard, quality management is being applied to control quality by clients and organizations. The company has applied it and run its business in a practical way. It is a progression of worldwide quality principles that are systematized, verifiable, and efficiently adaptable. The ISO 9001 has ensured an administration control technique that includes a business recording of the procedures of configuration, creation, and dissemination to make sure that the nature of its products and administration meets customer needs. The company is able to give clients confirmation of their suppliers, informing them that the suppliers have set up the administration forms that guarantee consistency in the process. These strategies depict the way operations are to be conducted by the Clean & Green-world project.

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Quality Review

It is paramount to ensure that business operations go in line with the business objective and the set policies and guidelines regarding the environment. This prompts the company to restructure waste policy and to be consistent with the management options and the climatic trends. The company has to familiarize waste reduction measures such as reuse and recycling of waste materials. It should also adopt informative ideas on education and involvement of governmental agencies in the efforts to reduce pollution (Herhold 2015). Also, it has to ensure it monitors the value created by waste reduction practices by issuing reports on people’s views regarding the initiative. This will support and guide effective development plans in future in response to the need for safe waste disposal (Wheelwright & Clark 1992).

Quality information guarantees more informed decision-making. Clean & Green-world has been collecting statistics on garbage diversion rates in the state. It has adopted trends, and continues to increase the effectiveness of data collection. The data is uniformly collected across the states using scientific methods. The primary strategies that guide the development of the Clean & Green-world initiative include progress on garbage collection from 15 tons a week to 64 tons per month. It also aims to purchase several garbage bins and strategically place them in identified locations for collection. Also it has placed pins at strategic locations around the residential areas and business districts of the cities for landowners to deposit waste (Herhold 2015).

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Project Human Resources Management

The Clean & Green-world project activities will be structured into the company and considered amongst the key agendas with the procedures and processes leveraging on the value of the company and its operations through personnel management (Dessler 2016). It strategizes to have a workshop with all the stakeholders to inform them about the company and encourage the potential partners to join in. It also aims at recruiting waste collectors when they come to sell to Clean & Green-world initiative. It has approached companies to become primary waste disposal agent and hence active partnership with companies such as Coca-Cola Company limited and the Chicago breweries.

Education and awareness enable members and the business communities to understand the need for recycling waste. This does not only impacts households cleaning but also distinguishes organic and non–organic waste so as to speed up the recycling process. Another strategy is to produce and distribute a pamphlet and hold workshops to encourage recycling and separation of wastes in the houses (Simmons & Gibson 2000). As it involves personal idea, the initiative engages organized groups, like churches, school children and social workers to visit the Clean & Green-world site and have sensitization programs on the site seminars.


The clean & Green-world will be on the front line in using data and innovation and as a financial venture. Instruction and examination affect the future development of Kenya's economy especially these aspects define the capacity to apply the latest technology. The company acknowledges strategies that enhance change and hoist better procedures that gear for advancements (Hornstein 2015). It encourages strategic decision that cultivates a viable and prosperous recycling initiative. Approaches to establish the framework for a solid, reasonable and practical business environment will go far towards expanding reusing rates and encouraging business development.

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Procurement Policy

The upgrades in management and procurement propel the project and evaluate the company's performance in their concern about environment. Enhanced consumer loyalty, greater employee satisfaction, fewer support efforts, and less revamp and dissatisfaction provide room for constant changes. The standard allows competitive application for tenders and supplies. Garbage bins and the award for contract of garbage collection trucks are among the competitive advantages of the company. The award for supplies basically relies on the cost of supplies and the quality of materials used as well as the duration of the contract. Those who will be interested in the tenders will we obliged to place a commitment fee of $ 1,000 especially for the trucks contract. Currently, there are responsibilities, detailed documentation, and orders that become obligatory. All this is perked on the ISO 9001-2008 affirmation for the Quality Management System. The achievement is a demonstration of its endeavors to enhance the client’s experience by implementing the most recent innovations into their procurement system.

Customer Segments and the Key Stakeholders

The company will provide both hired trucking and the private garbage collectors. Most of its business will be emphasized on the cleaning of the environment. With the help of a separate division, it will be conducted on truckload and Clean and Dirt services will also be offered. The services will be exclusive for to the commercial industries, hotel, and food industry as a core venture relying on the use of purchasing variables such as business referrals, customer service, and the reputation.











The company will operate in four distinct segments (Herhold 2015). The most featured among the segments are private and estate lines, cleaning and vacuuming services in commercial industries, hotel and food industry as well as the water catchment areas of rehabilitation. The private and estate lines division is projected to grow at a rate of 5% annually with approximately five thousand potential clients identified both in individual and commercial business. The cleaning and vacuuming services are expected to increase by at least 4 %  which account for 4000 customers. The hotel and food industry comes from the third one with expected growth rate of 3% annually and 2000 customers. The last division is the water catchment areas rehabilitation, which is moderately growing by 2% annually as corporate responsibility.

Public Relations and Communication

In the early business stages and with the management team, public relations director will employ several communication and marketing strategies to raise the awareness among the customers about the company and also to generate new customers through the cleaning initiative. The adopted plan in the entry stages includes the promotion as an advertising method, which will focus on the weekly press releases and several media advertisements. The alternative approach is focused on the incentives packages given to the existing customers. The printed brochures are another marketing strategy. They will be distributed to the existing and new clients all over Michigan with salespersons far-reaching the nearby states (Hornstein 2015). The trucking service has a customer service delivery obligation at heart dreaming to be a leading and premier waste management company with established and operational networks in the USA. The profitability of the company forecasted to yield at the third month with predictable annual sales of $ 98,000 in year one and gradually to $1,979,541 in year two and later $ 1,986,400 in the third year.

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Financial Obligations

The company has an elaborate financial plan intended to safeguard the financial plans of the company starting from top management levels in every business. It begins with bookkeeping, budgeting, cost classification and estimation, valuation of assets, preparation of financial statements and, later, variance analysis. This incorporates all the financial information of the company, which is prepared by the Company’s Finance Officer, Mr. Cruze and under the scrutiny of the Internal Auditor, Mr. Coax.

Significant Financial Assumptions

Book-keeping mandate rests with the accounting department, which has to prepare financial statements quarterly and later carry out annual statements covering the accounting period of the company. The reports and disclosures accompany the preparation of these declarations. The company’s auditor will assess the financial statements to find out whether they portray genuine and fair financial affairs of the enterprise. IFRS and GAAP guide the preparation of the financial information. The statutory auditor will express their opinion as for whether they are in a reasonable financial position (Titman, Martin & Keown 2014).

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