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Articles’ Analysis

Article 1

It is necessary to ensure the appropriate childhood blood lead level to guarantee the highest health standards. It is also crucial to examine whether the U.S. ambivalent air lead levels have a serious influence in this context. Brink et al. (2013) analyze this issue in detail. The public health significance of the issue under investigation comprehends the actual risks associated with high air lead levels in the United States. It is both of the local and global significance. On the one hand, it focuses on the situation and health risks for children in the United States. On the other hand, it has direct public health implications for all countries and regions with high lead levels.

The study fills an important gap as it enables clarifying long-term negative consequences of high lead levels. The empirical methodology used in relation to children up to 3 years from a CDC database is appropriate because it allows verifying the statistical significance of the formulated hypothesis. The authors chose this methodology to receive the adequate amount of empirical data. However, I would have used several age groups of children to obtain a more realistic picture of the situation. The results demonstrate that substantial risks exist even if leaded gasoline and lead paint are not used anymore. I agree with the authors’ interpretations, as the growing health risks should be addressed.

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The social change impact of the findings is orienting to long-term effects of high lead levels. The outcomes of the findings are actionable because available technologies allow using other materials. The reasonable action would be minimizing the lead levels throughout the world to protect children’s health. The precautionary principle applies to this study as preventive measures may minimize long-term risks. Sawalha et al. (2013) also support these findings in relation to Palestinian children. Thus, other studies make findings and recommendations of Brink et al. (2013) more significant.

Article 2

Malmqvist, Jakobsson, Tinnerberg, Rignell-Hydbom, and Rylander (2013) analyze the relationships between air pollution and pregnancy complications. It seems that the study under examination is mostly of the global significance as the problems of gestational diabetes and preeclampsia are present in different parts of the world. The study fills an important gap because it focuses on low-level air pollution while it is often neglected in the professional literature. The methodology includes analyzing a large variety of empirical facts in this field, particularly more than 80,000 pregnancy outcomes. The authors chose this methodology to observe general trends and formulate reliable conclusions. Nevertheless, I would have shortened the period of data used from 1999-2005 to one or two years because other significant factors may alter the results if such a prolonged time period is used.

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The results demonstrate that the risks of gestational diabetes and preeclampsia depend substantially on the degree of air pollution in a specific area. I agree with the authors’ interpretations as they are based on objective empirical facts. The social change impact of the findings is the need for minimizing the level of air pollution throughout the world. The outcomes are actionable because there are effective mechanisms for reducing the levels of air pollution. The specific reasonable action would be establishing the international agency to control the air pollution level in different countries. The precautionary principle applies to this study via outlining the possibility of reducing health risks through optimizing the degree of air pollution.

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Fleisch et al. (2013) confirm the negative impact of air pollution on gestational diabetes among pregnant women. Thus, they support the findings and conclusions formulated by Malmqvist et al. (2013) through providing additional empirical evidence. Therefore, urgent reforms in this sphere are needed. The level of air pollution should be minimized to provide an additional assistance for pregnant women.

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