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Assignment 3: Dropbox Assignment

Chronic illnesses and diseases require special attention in developing a proper care plan of patients’ treatment and control of their health. The main attention should be paid to preventing the undesirable consequences of the emerged disease. Nowadays, the quality of medical service does not respond to the requirements of the patients and it causes the adverse effects. This paper examines the developing plan of treatment of chronically ill patients that comprises both the specific needs of the patients and a caregiver.

Identifying the specific chronic illnesses that lead to disability, the main attention has been paid to an osteoarthritis disease. The symptoms of this disease include aching, swelling in or around the joints, pain, and stiffness. This cause of disability affects humans’ organs and causes various widespread symptoms. Nevertheless, chronical diseases affect human health. Blood disorders, cancer, various infections, disability, heart stroke influence mental abilities, behavior, attitude to others, and internal human condition mostly affects the elderly and less affects children and people of all ages. With age, the risk of developing arthritis increases (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2005). This disease has become of a great interest, as despite of the negative influence of the disease on the humans’ health, people with arthritis are only less active, than people without arthritis. It has been examined that a group of patients of a chronic osteoarthritis illness group are not enough physically active that may arouse undesirable consequences of the occurred disease. The patients undergo lack of confidence that has a negative impact on the human’s psyche. However, arthritis can occur with other chronic illnesses like heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Having arthritis with the other chronic deteriorations of health, the quality of patients’ life has been reducing and disease treatment becomes more difficult.

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The morbidity of the osteoarthritis occurs because of various negative social, physical and psychosocial factors. The chronic disease according to the symptoms includes frequency, incontinence, headaches, confusion, memory loss,swelling in or around the joints, shortness of breath, irregular and rapid heartbeat. Proper treatment and care are first main things for improving the condition of patients’ health. The comorbidity of the illness group of disease occurs according to anxiety, depression (Walker, Hall, & Hurst, 1990). The most common comorbid conditions of osteoarthritis are high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol.Aging of the patients of this illness group is the most important factor that has a strong impact on comorbidity. Comorbidity increases with patients’ aging. The main factors of comorbidity of osteoarthritis disease are poorer prognosis and long stay of the patients in hospitals.

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Osteoarthritis disease has a negative impact on humans’ quality of life. The pain that people suffer from increases over time. The patients need more confidence in movement, medication use and joint changes. Social support helps the patients to cope with depression and anxiety. Health problems, social isolation and bereavement influence the increasing of depression. It negatively affects the physical disability and pain degree. The negative impact of this disease affects the mental responsibilities of chronic illness group. Their attention is concentrated on negative aspects of their life experience and they feel themselves helpless. As the risk of developing the chronic illness increases with age, his disease negatively affects the overall health of the nation, therefore, nearly two-thirds of people with osteoarthritis are younger than 65 years old (“Guidelines for Assessment,” n.d.). This disease is more common among women than men. It negatively affects people of all racial and ethnic groups. About 80% of people suffer difficulties of movement limitation. About 25% of the nation is not able to perform major activities of everyday life.

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The goal of Healthy People 2020 that deal with osteoarthritis group is to prevent disability and illness that relate to osteoarthritis and other rheumatic conditions, chronic back conditions and osteoporosis. The goals for specific illness groupare: to promote the wellbeing and the health care of osteoarthritis illness group. The objectives identify a therapeutic role for physical activity. The main aim is to measure the level of physical activity of the chronical illness group. Patients with disability chronic illness experience a great influence of society. Being engaged in public activities will help them to cope with a barrier in communication with other people (Wagner, Austin, & Korff, 1996).

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In order to prepare a plan of care, there should be acquired the whole information from the patients of the osteoarthritis illness group regarding the root causes of disease, its improvement and the causes of chronic stages of illness. Preparing the questionnaire, the main attention should be paid to the reason of disease emerging and Medicare. Such questions should be put to the specific illness group of patients: When did the root causes of disease appear at the first time? What were the complaints? Had the patients had the complaints on their health before the emerged disease? What was the previous treatment? Was it followed carefully? When the aggravation of the disease started? Did the patients adhere to the needed prescription of medicines? What caused the chronic condition of health? Did the patients follow the guidelines of the doctors and take the medications according to prescriptions? What caused morbidity and comorbidity of the disease? Were there any negative psycho-emotional, social impacts from the beginning of the chronic illness to date?

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Medical service should be responsible for the patients’ needs and find the solutions for the improving of emerged illness. A plan of care will be the most appropriate way in finding the solutions for the chronic diseases’ recovery. Patients’ goals take the leading place in the perspective of care plan. The main attention is paid to the patients’ needs, requirements and desires. Developing a plan of a chronic illness group, the focus should be made on the psychosocial elements of the patients and general overview of the biomedical considerations of the case (Rothfield, 1996). Properly developing a plan, a caregiver should be in close relations with the patients’ family, friends, neighbors and peers.

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