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Healthcare System in the United States

The debates regarding healthcare in the United States have been one of the most pressing issues for a long time, causing various debates between the citizens. The biggest issues are connected with the insurance system and high costs of medical treatment in America, which is considered excessive by some.

The first point of the critics of the current healthcare system is that it is too expensive because of the lack of governmental regulations (Oberlander 585). This means that the government does not regulate the costs of the insurance, so the private companies are the ones negotiating the prices. Therefore, the medical system turns into a profitable business where the citizens are always at disadvantage. This is especially difficult for the people with low incomes because they are often unable to afford the insurance and are very dependable on their employers (Haeder 65). Therefore, the biggest problem arises from the fact that the government does not regulate insurance prices and does not serve as a mediator between the citizens and organizations that are supposed to insure them. As a result, the businesses and employees are the ones who suffer the most because they have to deal with high expenses since the insurance prices include not only medical expenses, but other costs, such as administration payments, marketing costs and overall profits for the organizations. The main issue in this situation is the fact that the healthcare is being used to make the profits, while the government should be the very force that interferes and stops the profiting process. Without the governmental interference, many people are left without any insurance at all since they cannot afford it and may find themselves in such situations when there are no employers to cover the insurance costs for them (Perry n.p.). The fact that the healthcare system in the country is so complicated and divides the citizens into various groups based on their age and so on only makes the situation worse since it shows the general imperfections regarding medical treatment in the United States (Berwick and Hackbarth 1514).

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The other argument that proves the inefficiency of the medical system in the country is the lack of the medical professionals (Kirch, Henderson, and Dill 435). The country currently needs qualified workforce to work in the sphere; however, the constant demand for the professionals shows that there are still not enough workers to provide the people with the necessary medical treatment. There may be various reasons for the shortage of professionals; however, it is safe to say that one of the main determinants here is the fact that the people do not find the expected benefits from having the job in the field. Taking into consideration the high costs of the medical treatment, the employees who work in state hospitals do not receive enough benefits and often tend to get low salaries in combination with unstable working hours. As a result, the medical sphere is attracting less people to work in it, which creates further challenges and emphasizes the importance of changing it.

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The situation in which the medical system is now is rather complicated because the U.S. citizens pay more for the insurance than citizens of any other country in the world. Healthcare became a competitive field where the people find themselves at loss when it comes to payments, and due to low governmental regulations and big workloads that the medical staff deals with, the flaws are becoming more relevant and affecting the society to a greater extent.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to state that there are people in the country who support the current healthcare system and consider it a successful one. One of the main arguments for the existing healthcare system is its preventive nature. It means that the people are required to have insurance to be secure in case of emergencies and health problems, so despite their financial conditions in time of the medical problem, they will be able to receive the quality treatment they want. They also defend the high costs stating that the people tend to pay based on their finances, and the expenses are the guarantors of the quality treatment. They debate that the system works in a way that satisfies the demands of the majority of the population, so there will always be a critical minority that does not comply with the rest of the population. Although it is true that there will always be a particular amount of critics dissatisfied with the current healthcare system because it does meet their high standards, the current situation shows that the criticism comes from the objective evaluation of the performance within the medical sphere and excessive spending in the healthcare.

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The given analysis points to some of the most important aspects of the healthcare system that cause criticism and nation-wide discussions. They show that the healthcare system requires a change and needs to be adjusted based on the expectations of the citizens, the actual costs and the pressing issues. The healthcare needs to satisfy the demands of the citizens, but it also needs the regulation from the state in order to lower the costs, attract more medical professionals and reach all groups of the population, such as people living behind the poverty line and so on. In order to achieve that, immediate and structural changes are needed, and the healthcare system requires influential national reforms.

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