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Nursing Practitioner in Florida

Reasons Why Nursing Organizations Advocated for the Bill

Nursing organizations in Florida such as the Florida Association of Nurse Practitioners advocated for the Bill to expand the role of nursing practitioners because of the need for independence in the nursing profession. These organizations wanted to limit the level of supervision that physicians have over nursing practitioners. Vestal (2013) affirms that they aimed at ensuring that nursing practitioner earned the independence to undertake his/her responsibilities in the most efficient manner without the continued presence of physicians in the workplace. They emphasized the view that the nursing profession is mainly driven by the golden rule of independence in the delivery of medical services. Therefore, the Florida Association of Nurse Practitioners wanted its members to have a high level of independence in the practice.

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Additionally, the Florida Association of Nursing Practitioners advocated for the passage of the Bill because of the need to fill the shortage of physicians in the state. The nursing organization recognized the view that most nursing practitioners perform activities that are massively related to those performed by physicians. Thus, the only way to ensure that nursing practitioners were empowered to fill up the shortage of physicians was by promoting the passage of this Bill. According to Naylor and Kurtzman (2010), nursing organizations understood that the passage of the Bill would have played an instrumental role in eliminating the medical licensing restrictions commonly referred to as the scope of practice. It would ensure continued access of nursing practitioners to all groups of patients, hence offering primary care in the easiest manner possible all over the state.

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Reasons Why the Bill Failed in the State Legislature

The Bill failed in the state legislature because of the concerns that were raised about the level of training that nursing practitioners undergo, hence their ability to offer medical services in the best manner possible. Blake (2014) opines that legislatures utilized the argument of the Florida Medical Association to emphasize the view that nursing practitioners have limited training in the field. For instance, it was asserted that physicians have four years of training in the medical school plus three years of residency compared to nursing practitioners who have four years of training in nursing school plus two years of graduate school for nursing practitioners. The gap in training means that they do not have the capacity of handling patients in the best manner possible as physicians would. Therefore, the Bill failed because of the reservations held on the ability of nursing practitioners to offer quality services to patient. They were perceived unable to offer some forms of primary care because of the lack of adequate training.

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How Florida Medicare Rules Financially Impact on the Services Offered by Healthcare Organizations

The Florida Medicare rules have a significant financial impact on the services offered by healthcare organizations. Stein and Chiplin (2013) agree that the Medicare rules in Florida improve the services offered by healthcare organizations because of the regular reimbursements. Healthcare organizations in Florida do not necessarily face shortages in their reimbursements because of the rules guiding prompt reimbursements to the respective hospitals offering the medical services to the patients covered under Medicare. MaCurdy et al. (2013) assert that the Medicare rules in the state are clear giving individuals the opportunity to meet only a small amount of the whole payment as the rest is reimbursed through Medicare. It has been vital in improving the financial health of the services offered by healthcare organizations in the state. The services have been continuously admirable because of the quality added to them by the available finances to facilitate their availability and quality.

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