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Completing the course and looking back at the experience I had, I am absolutely positive that it was one of the most interesting and beneficial courses for me. Thus, the purpose of this cover essay is to evaluate the knowledge and skills gained during the course, and define their role in my future education and career.

A study process can be rather complicated and require students to have a lot of skills in the chosen field. However, there are some elements of a study process which are crucial for any discipline or sphere of life. It is impossible to study anything without having relevant reading, writing, and oral speech skills. Moreover, every qualified job assumes that a candidate is able to perform well in every of the activities mentioned above. Additionally, developing these skills will be helpful in every-day life since they demonstrate the overall cultural and educational level of an individual and help to communicate with others.

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When I was starting the course, I had major difficulties with improving my critical reading and writing skills which was always putting me off working on my home tasks. It is not only because I am a kind of person who finds these tasks complicated, but it was also seriously influenced by English being a foreign language to me. Nevertheless, I managed to overcome this challenge and benefit from the positive results of my hard work. Constantly working on completing the tasks of this course helped me raise my confidence in writing and critical reading, which is particularly important for me as an international student. I noticed how much easier and faster than before it became to work on such tasks for me. I can see that my performance improved because I can now easily and quickly find the main ideas of any text passage, explain them in writing or speaking by arguing some points, supporting or contradicting certain ideas, and give my personal feedback. A great benefit of this course is that I started to understand the material that I read better, analyze it in detail, and develop a better reading comprehension.

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I believe that completing this course is an important step in building my future career. Skills that I gained would support me in my further college education because they form a background necessary for every course, field of study, and a job. By having satisfactory reading, writing, and oral speaking abilities, I will be able to learn and comprehend new information, share it with others, gain new skills, and participate in discussions. Moreover, it will increase the chance of me finding a good employment opportunity since I will know how to communicate with my colleagues, work as a team member, present my finding to the management, talk my interests through, and find necessary information in short terms.

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