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The event: Kid Style fun for grown ups

Venue: Manhattan

Date: Friday 22nd August, 2014

In the northern borough of Manhattan, the events kicked off after a long period of waiting. New York City is where arrested development is not only encouraged but also celebrated. Visit to an organized event was so encouraging and motivating, as it kept my attention and provoked my emotions. It was the only time in my life after more than two decades of related adulthood that I had to take part in youth activities. Staying in the office, driving and flying most of the time has made my body so rigid to an extent of accumulating excess weight. The kid style event provided the right opportunity for me to make use of my vacation and check on my health. This is an event hosting adult participants of different ages. It involves various activities and the goal of this event is to rekindle the fountain of youth that might have disappeared with age. 

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Although, I have not attained the age of majority participants in this event, and I am not a senior citizen, the mood of participants was so relishing, especially to those whose urban life has been confined to indoor activities alone. I took my spouse with me. It has been long since I had free time to spend with my family. She knew I would call off the event before it started, as I had previously done but not this time. I had dedicated it for us and not for our youthful kids. Most participants were senior citizens and working class of the upper tier, and the event was choreographed specifically to revive their best kid activities in the yester years. In addition, the participants could also have the opportunity to learn some new tricks and childhood games that evolved past their childhood.

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The event required a participant to take at least three events in different places within the city. As a participant, I had several options to choose from. The NYC invited all the participants to pair skee-ball, ping-pongs and shuffleboard with booze and multiple bars with games or how would an adult sleepover look like? This kind of sleepover is the one that you enjoy a cool nap in one of the New York City parks. I could see the expression on her face and guess what? ….She liked it. Or perhaps we would have tried embracing our inner childhood, chewing down on the famous Nathan’s hot dog or… what about riding a cyclone? Wow! … I finally got the idea; these are two of the most recognized attractions of the Coney Island and I had to take one. The cyclone ride will help me recapture some of my youthfulness with great homesick.

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In her life she has always been enthusiast to ride on The Cyclone, and she was the one who bore the idea in my mind. This historic coaster has now gotten bigger and faster than any other, and I have always heard of thrilling stories. The Coney Island Cyclone coaster is approximately 950 feet tall and is laid on wooden tracks which help in boosting speed on two main drops. On average, the ticket price is 9 Luna credits per ride and each credit costs a dollar. We arrived at around 1 p.m. and the weather in Coney Island was calm. The slow and less humid winds, clear sky and warm temperature enabled us to have a clear view of the city, as we climbed on the greyish Luna park cyclone.  The Brooklyn amusement park was full to capacity and the coaster had to take the participants in large groups. It was our time to enjoy the thrilling ride of The Cyclone and sitting next to my lovely wife, the ride began. Everyone was expected to obey the safety precautions, as put in the riding manual, the guide was there in case any help was aid was needed.

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Nothing has ever got my blood pump faster than the roller. Riding on the roller shakes the nerves and straps the body in an experience that was quite intimidating. It took us 10 minutes but it appeared to be as if it was an hour, cold breeze, high speed, rise and falls, noisy cheers of those who are used to it made it the new enjoyable experience. The first round was the only bloodletting but, subsequently, we got accustomed and cheered like everyone else towards the stoppage time.

By the end of the game, I was overjoyed but extremely tired and could not take part in another game. I simply could not withstand another rigorous event …so rigorous to me because I am not used to it. Workers are not known to be adventurous and outdoorsy, but the intrepid with the group have a lot to enjoy in the NYC camping events and sleepovers. These supervised sleepovers in the parks were located in five boroughs to suit the need of each participant.

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On every Friday night, there are event managers organized the inaugural event dubbed ‘Night at the Museum’, which was expected to have over 200 attendees. As one of the member, I whiled away the hours as they enjoyed special exhibitions and excellent cuisines. My main objective of the night was to find out whether the diorama comes to life at night as during the day.

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