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Personal Experiences


Listening to music is one of the most pleasant kinds of entertainment for people. The most unusual experience happened last year during the summer at the concert of jazz music. During the performance, where several jazz bands took part, the audience was filled with bright emotions and feelings. This kind of music is very vivid and the musicians who play it have a possibility to share their personal emotions and send them to the listeners through the music waves. The concert took place in the open air and the stage was placed in the city garden. All the onlookers were sitting on the grass and were listening to beautiful music compositions. While performing, the musicians communicated with the listeners and thus made it possible for them to feel their audience and select the most suitable compositions to perform.

The concert was unusual for one more reason – it was a charity concert and all the money people would donate for listening to music would help the children with disabilities. The people were gladly giving the money as they enjoyed the performance and knew that the costs would be used to bring in more happiness in life of children. The concert inspired to enjoy every moment of life and help each other. The musicians were very elevated and honorable people and they did a lot of good to the society making it better in a number of ways.

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The first thing they did was playing the beautiful music that people enjoyed. Secondly, they did not take money for the performance but asked people to donate to help those who need help. Once the person realizes all the sides of the musicians’ characters it becomes vivid that they promote kindness and helpfulness among others. This was an unusual event because it was for free and the music was very nice as well as the whole idea of the concert was very honorable. The impressions gained from this experience were more than positive and set the people thinking over the main aim of a person in this life.


Food is an essential part of everyday life of any person and living being. Food is the basis of nutrition that gives the people all needed power and strength to live and perform different activities. At the same time, food can be tasty and people would like to taste it and eat it for pleasure. Some dishes can be unusual and exotic but they are worth tasting. Last month during the weekend there was a trip to another city where there is a good Chinese restaurant. It is known that they serve a lot of exotic food.

The decision was to taste the eggs that were kept in worm place during 21 days, but the little duckling inside them was not able to come out of. This was the most unusual dish in my entire life as it was hard to realize that this can be eatable. The food has to be safe and this product did not seem to be a good choice. However, all members of the company ordered the eggs and were ready to eat this extreme dish.

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If to speak about food preferences, it is more usual to have some traditional food that is common and can be cooked easily. This dish was not an ordinary recipe as it was cooked during 21 days and had a bad smell. However, the decision was made and all that was necessary to do was crack the eggshell and start eating. In general, the taste was very interesting and unusual. The smell was not very nice but the experience and the process was the brightest in terms of food.

This episode became one of the most extreme and at the same time, courageous decisions in the whole life. The brightest emotion was a feeling of victory over own fears and coward desire to refuse. People choose what to eat as well as they choose what emotions they would like to experience the most. This kind of experience makes people mature and responsible for their actions and teaches young people that there is nothing unreal for a person in this world.

Play game

Playing any kind of game with your friends is a very interesting and entertaining way of spending time. We usually play games on holydays and during birthday parties. The most interesting and easiest way is to have some fun at the birthday party is to invent an unusual game or try to have fun playing an ordinary game but with more enthusiasm. This is the situation that happened during my last birthday party. Some of the guests suggested playing a twister game. Everybody became so interested in it that some people had to wait for one group of people to finish and give them chance to have fun. The birthday party took place at my house and there were about thirty people invited to the party.

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The situation was unusual to me as it was the first birthday party with such a large number of people. Usually there were only five to ten relatives and close friends that came to our house. Moreover, there were some people that were not my acquaintances but they were somebody’s friends.

During the game there was a lot of fun and people were trying to make the best choice of hand or leg to put at the needed color. Finally, when one group of people were playing for a long time one of the people who was below somebody’s weight fell down and was not very happy with that. I tried not to participate in the game as it seemed childish and not very interesting to me. However, after the party I felt a strong sense of regret that I even did not try to play and wanted to play twister but there were no more people in the house to play with.

The situation suggests the idea that people have to be ready to do something when they are frightened to do it in order not to regret when the time for the activity passes and no matter how hard the desire to practice the activity is there is no more chance for it.


The situation took place two years ago during my trip to Italy with my elder brother. This was my first trip abroad and we were planning to see a lot of places of interest and as well as the university that my brother wanted to be accepted to.

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During the trip we had some money on us to cover the transportation and accommodation expenses as well as some money to spend on food. My brother was paying for everything during the travel and suddenly he noticed that there were a few Euros left and he asked me to pay for our breakfast at the hotel. I was not worried about it because I knew that I had enough money to pay for everything. However, when I opened my wallet there was no money at all. I started panicking and asked my brother if he knew where my money was. He answered negatively and we were both nervous.

The situation was unusual to me as it was the first time I did not have any cash on me. However, the situation turned out so that a guy who was also having breakfast with us at the café saw the situation and decided to help. He paid the bill and said to us that we should not worry and calm down and find the money. We were very grateful to that man as it was very honorable part of him to do that. We asked for his address and name to send him money when we find it. The emotions we experienced were terrible and happy at the same time. The insights gained from this experience include the necessity of keeping money in safe places and pack the things on our own. As it turned out my money was not in my wallet in the pocket of my jacket, where my mother had put it before the trip. The situation resolved favourably for us and we made some conclusions from it. This case proves that there are kind people in this world but it is way better to take care of the problems without anybody’s help.

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Family is the most important and closest people in life of every person. There are four members in our family – mother, father, my elder brother and I. For me it is an ordinary case when my mum or dad tells us to do something and we do that. The same applies to the situations when they are upset with us and can shout and argue with us. This is a usual situation for us and we accept it, but last autumn our grandparents came to visit us and stayed for a week or two. They were staying at our house and lived in the guest room.

The fact that our grandparents came to visit us was not unusual, but to see that our grandmother can shout at our mother and our parents would do the things that their parents were telling them to do was very unusual. Our grandparents saw our mum and dad like as if they were little kids and it was very unusual for us as we were not accustomed to seeing our parents doing something that they did not want to do but what grandmother considered to be the necessary thing to do.

We asked our parents about the situation and they explained that it is a normal situation that they listen to their parents and do what they tell them to do. The question of obedience is not a problem in our family as all the members of it understand that the age and experience of the grownups means smart decisions and actions. The fact that we listen to our parents leads to a calm and friendly atmosphere inside our family. The insights gained from the situation helped to see that everything is interdependent in this life. No matter how grown up we are and even if we have our own children and live separately, our parents would always be our parents. They will always see us as their little children and will try to teach us to do something in a better way than we do.

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Last winter we decided to visit some places where we had never been before. My friends and I decided to choose a place on the map and plan the trip and see what kind of transportation it will be better to use. We decided to go to the south of the country and visit some places of interest there. One of the most exciting places of interest was a cave that was very old and had some ancient drawings on its walls. According to our plan there should have been a path from the side of the road that led to the cave. According to our calculations, it was about half an hour walk from beginning till the end of the path.

The situation was unusual for me as it was the first time we decided to go on a trip and were planning the trip on our own. It is better to use some help from specialist than to get into a situation that happened to us. The thing is that the length of a path was much longer than we thought and we had to stay for a night in the open air in order to continue our way the next day. It was not a planned decision as our mistake was huge and all of us were responsible for it.

The emotions of guilt and fear of sleeping in the open air was filling us all and my personal experience was that the trip we planned was the first and the last one that we made the way it happened to be. Everybody gained some insights from the situation as after that case none of us was suggesting going on a trip like that anymore.

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The process of travelling is dangerous and can cause a lot of problems if the people let this happen. As for our case, it was not very reasonable and not smart to trust our own calculations and not to consult with the specialist. During the travel we were very tired and ran out of water. Moreover, we spent a lot of time for that trip and were not very happy at the end as the drawings were barely seen and were not very interesting.


Watching a television is different for every person. Some people like watching football matches and sport news, others prefer watching TV shows and news. For kids it is important to watch the cartoons, others do not watch them at all thinking that it is very time-consuming and does not bring any benefit.

For me television is not very important but I like to watch the movies and football matches as well, especially when I do not have an opportunity to see the game at the stadium. Last year, there was an episode in my life when I decided not to watch television during the day but in the evening only. The action took place at my apartment and I was home alone with my dog. There was an interesting movie on and I decided to have some tea and watch it.

The situation was very unusual to me as I usually was studying but at that time I decided to stay at home as I was not feeling well. The movie was an action and the plot was very interesting. One thing that was not very well about my decision of watching TV is that I had a task to go to the primary school and meet my younger brother. When the film ended it was two hours late to meet my brother from school.

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When I came to school he was calmly sitting in the school yard and waiting for me. This was a very unusual situation as I never forgot such important things like picking up my younger brother from school. I was very worried about his emotions and how would he react but he was calm and asked me not to do that anymore.

This was a good experience for me as I learned how to manage the time properly and set time for every particular activity. Having everything organized and planned makes it easier to arrange the meetings and be on time everywhere. The impressions that I gained taught me that there should be nothing that can distract a person from his important duties.


Parties are commonplace activities for young people. Some of them are good mixers, others prefer to talk to one or two people and not to get acquainted to others but all of them come to a party to have fun and to experience some interesting episodes that will make an interesting part of their memories. Last spring there was a party at the house of my friend’s apartment. My friend asked me to come too.

When we came there were a lot of people – about thirty or more and they were not my friends or even acquaintances. I did not know any other person beside my friend at that party. This was a studio apartment and there was a lot of space. All of the people were dancing and drinking. There were a lot of my friend’s acquaintances and he communicated to them. The situation was very unusual to me as I am an introverted person and can communicate to a very limited number of people. Making new acquaintances is very difficult to me and sometimes even stressful. People were trying to talk to me but I just could not say anything interesting or funny to make a conversation develop. The most usual company for me includes five people and all of them are my close friends with whom we can communicate and have fun, go anywhere and travel.











The number of people at the party was too much for me and that is why I felt awkward and was willing to go home all the time. This was an unpleasant experience as my friend also left me there without his attention and all I had to do is to speak to other people that were telling some jokes and stories. The impression of loneliness and unnecessary presence filled me during that party. After the party, I made a decision not to attend such parties if I do not have all my five friends close to me so that we can also have fun and not to be lonely at the party.


Computer is an essential part of person’s everyday activities. It helps us to find the necessary information quickly, solve tasks, print; communicate with friends and many other things. Sometimes we have to face some problems that emerge while using the computer. One of the most unpleasant things and hard to solve is having a virus on computer. Finding the harmful program can be difficult, but finding a solution to this problem can be even more challenging.

Last year there was a time when the antivirus software on my computer detected a virus attack. My first decision was to check the computer for viruses and find the place where it was situated on my computer. The problem was that the virus was closing all the windows that I tried to open. This was a very big deal for me as there was lack of time to complete the writing assignment and I had to find the necessary solution to this problem.

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As I was sitting in my room and there was no one close to me at that time it was impossible to find any help from my friends or relatives. The decision was to find the solution using another computer and see the possible way of solving this problem with the help of the Internet. The situation was unusual to me because there were no such problems before and I did not have an experience of fighting with harmful software on my computer. I was at a loss and started searching for the solution on the Internet.

Finally, I managed to find the needed algorithm and applied it to my computer. After that case I feel like I am a professional computer specialist as I managed to solve the problem without any help. This is a very good experience as it makes the person see that there is nothing impossible in the world and the only thing that one needs to do is to believe in own power and possibility to solve all the problems independently.


Smoking is one of the most harmful habits that people have and with which the humanity has to fight in order to lessen the impact of this bad habit upon the state of health. The brightest experience of smoking happened when I was a child of 10 years. The action took place in the morning, when everybody was sleeping and nobody could interrupt. There was always a pack of cigarettes on the kitchen table that belonged to my father. The kitchen was empty and I was able to take the cigarettes and the matches and make an effort to light the cigarette and smoke.

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Nobody was awake in the house and that is why there was a fear of somebody coming down to the kitchen and finding out that the little child was trying to smoke. The emotions overwhelmed me while I was making a try to light the cigarette and smoke. Finally, I managed to light the cigarette and took it to the mouth with the intention to inhale the smoke. The event was so unusual for me because I was not a naughty child for my parents, on the contrary they were glad that their child was so obedient and tried to fulfill all their requests.

Smoking was a secret wish and till that day there was no realization of the fact that it can be harmful. As soon as the smoke was inside the lungs I started coughing and parents heard it and came down to see what was happening. I was so frightened that they would rail at me that I started crying and saying that I would not do that anymore.

But my parents were very calm and explained that smoking is harmful to health and that it can cause cancer and lead to death. There was no fear for me and the idea that smoking is harmful was deeply set into my mind since that event. I started trusting my parents even more and listened to their advice never trying to smoke again.

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