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Personal Statement

My intended major is Aeronautical Engineering. This choice is closely related to the fact that I lived near the airport in my hometown for more than 10 years. Some people may think that the sound of taking off or landing airplanes is an irritating noise that interferes with people’s personal lives. However, I find the sound of an aircraft very pleasant and beautiful. I was really excited whenever I heard airplanes passing by. I always got close to the window and watched them. The airplanes and everything related to them became my hobby. Therefore, I started to collect plane models and often went to the rooftop to have a better look at the airport and to dream. 

Last summer, after studying in Seattle, I did my first solo flight in my life. I took flight classes from the flight school and made the first attempt to fly a real airplane in the sky. I had so much fun and I truly realized my passion for airplanes. My pilot instructor assisted me and answered all my questions. I was a very inquisitive student. I thoroughly followed all pieces of advice to take the most from this experience. The flight helped me to reconsider my life and values. I saw the world from the bird's-eye  perspective, and it was worth watching.

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In the same summer, I went to see the show ‘Blue Angels’. Only then I understood why they are called this way. They were like real angels in the sky while flying. They attracted everyone’s attention and deepened my interest in airplanes. Also, I visited the museum of flight. I felt there like I would never want to leave it. I have never seen so many airplanes of different sizes in my hometown. Hence, I joined the museum of flight to be a volunteer. I learnt a lot about the airplane construction, their characteristic features, and the way they are operated. However, I still have a lot of questions and realize that I need much more information. Therefore, I am going to take training courses in the near future to improve my knowledge and to be able to satisfy the visitors' needs and share my experience with them. It is great to communicate with people who have the same interests. I find it to be a valuable source of information. 

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Personal Statement 2

I am a person who is very sensitive to numbers. I can easily tell the relationship between some meaningful numbers. I joined an internal school physics competition in my 10th grade. It was a team work related to launching a water rocket with some simple equipment like a plastic bottle and tape. At first, we did not know how to do it and where to begin from. However, I stepped out and tried to be a leader. I realized that my team needs someone to follow. After numerous discussions and hard work, we launched the fastest water rocket and got the first place. That competition taught me not to be afraid of leading position and do the best to gain the stated objectives. During the competition, I was an active participant who loved to discuss and work in a team. That positive experience made me realize that I can be a good leader and have all necessary skills to help others and assists them when they need.

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I have had numerous experiences in my life. I love to be a volunteer of any kind of job. Comparing the time of working and volunteering, I understand that the latter brought more fun and satisfaction. Although being a volunteer will not bring financial benefits, it helps me to widen my horizons, meet people from different countries, and get a chance to experience the culture of different areas. It is really amazing to communicate with people who belong to different religions, communities, ethnical groups, etc. Such challenging and active life reflects my outgoing personality. I am eager to adapt to a new environment and seek for work with people, assist them, and help them in solving problems.

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Additional Comments

Being an international student, I needed to see an advisor. At first, he did not ask me to follow an engineering track but to follow the general one. Therefore, I took some courses that are irrelevant to my major. I did some of them really bad and it lowered down my GPA. I hope this would not affect my overall application.

In general, I have clear long- and short-term goals. First of all, I would like to get rid of all possible obstacles which might prevent me from my long-term career goals. I am extremely interested in career success. I would like to make use of any workshop, internship, seminar, and volunteering. All of them provide useful and essential information that may positively influence my future life. I am convinced that all people need constant improvement. In order to win the battle related to career success and to manage the modern life's challenges, it is necessary to acquire a variety of skills. In addition to this, I am going to infuse integrity, excellence, and desire to gain knowledge and experience. Meeting expectations, working hard, and developing constantly constitutes a successful career path.

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My long-term goals presuppose a positive impact on the company of my future work through my ethics and expertise. I am going to develop and improve my leadership skills by participating in the trainings offered. I understand that experience and education are the key factors that help to advance to higher positions. My short-term goals will help me to gain experience in becoming a successful person.

Therefore, my personal characteristics, experience, and skills help me to set career goals. Constant improvement will assist me in achieving them and being ready to develop and innovate. However, in order to know what should be done, get appropriate knowledge, and be aware of the correct implementing them, it is essential to get an advanced education.

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