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Personal Statement for Applying UC

Question 1

I am an international student from China pursuing studies at Santa Monica College where I have been studying since December 2013. My intention of transferring to the University of California is to pursue my major course in art. It has been my prime concern since I was a child getting inspiration from my father who was a remarkable artist. He specializes in traditional Chinese paintings. I hoped to undertake this course at Santa Monica College when I was first coming to the United States. However, unfortunately, the institute does not offer the discipline.

My craving for art is hinged on my passion for painting, photography, camping, and singing. Inspired by my father (who is an artist and sells his paintings), I like this process since my childhood. All these areas have much in relation to art. Therefore, this is the very reason for consolidation knowledge and skills in painting and singing. I have always had uninhabited imaginations of making my own pictures that are even better that those of my father. Since my childhood, I have been helping him in drawing and making products for sell. In my senior grade three, I joined Guangzhou Institute and attended the painting special training class for six months. My passion for art enabled me to do the blackboard poster design for my class. Since my childhood, I have taken piano lessons. Therefore, this hobby also made me receive the Piano Level 8 Certificate. I have acquired more tips through a persistent practice of art and design to the level that ignited my interest. Since then, I have looked up to my father as my major role model. Moreover, since he is very successful, I always hope that one day I shall be able to surpass him.

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While I was in middle school, I came in third in the photo contest in Guangdong, China. While studying in high school, I got the first rank in the painting competition in my home city. These experiences have given me exposure that I am confident enough to undertake any painting assignment. My hobbies are photography, piano, handcraft, the level of which I am seeking to improve.

Through my personal initiatives, I have learned watercolor, oil painting, and basic design while studying at Santa Monica College. These skills have been helpful to me, and I do hope they will provide support in my pursuit of this major course in art. As a result, of my study, the history of the nineteenth and early twentieth century perfectly caught my mind. The impressionism paintings of Edgar Degas, the style of John Singer Sargent, and those of Master of Arts also largely influenced my style of drawings and paintings. Meanwhile, the Bauhaus school has guided me to aspire for a brighter future of art.

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I do believe that given opportunity to acquire professional studies in this course of art will help me to augment my mastery in the field of painting to become an expert like my father. If given a chance at the University of California, I promise to continue with my relentless spirit of hard work, to be of value to the University by making spectacular paints. I also promise to cooperate with my faculty and colleague students, administration and the subordinate staff who will influence my life in significant ways. I believe the opportunity to pursue this course will go a long way towards enabling me to fully attain my longtime vision.

Question 2

To determine my appropriateness for the course of art and design, which I have applied for, I would like to share my experience regarding my talent, personal quality, and several accomplishments with the administration of the University of California. I shall also be compelled to exhibit certain contributions of mine, which I find significant in my life as well in the society. Some of the achievements I am proud of till today are participating in the photo contest while studying in middle school, Guangdong, China, in which I came in the third position. Also, during studying in high school, I got the first prize in painting contest in my city. In my elementary school, I was very instrumental in making pictures for my class, which brought me many compliments from my teachers as well as fellow students. Apart from that, I enjoy going on nature tours alone where I have been carrying out a painting of field scenery. The escapade usually makes me relax giving me creative inspirations aspiring for greater undertakings in future. For this reason, I ended up developing a deep interest in the impressionism paintings of Edgar Degas, the style of John Singer Sargent, and those of Master of Arts, which heavily influenced my style of drawings and paintings. I have a conviction that these areas are mysterious and worth exploring as a part of my course. I believe these techniques will once or twice appear on my artworks some day in the near future.

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Since I completed high school education, I would like to take part in volunteer drawing and painting work. I used to request home and business owners in my hometown to permit me painting some surfaces for them. Sometimes, my friends (with whom we shared personal matters to these homes to help accomplish certain painting activities following their preferences) accompany me. This experience made me find art to be amazing especially if it is done passionately. Thanks to my creativity, I put many homes around my town in the fabulous state than before. The thing, which excited the owners so much, is that even the old homes could shine once more. In the process of doing this voluntary job, I also met friends especially the young people who got attracted to my work.

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