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Becoming a medical dosimetrist has always been my dream. When I was young, I had no knowledge about health care professions. The only thing I knew was that health care providers deserved a great deal of respect. My desire to interact with people actually came from my early exposures to people in a small clinic. As I was growing up, my grandparents, both dedicated radiation oncologists, often took me to their clinic with them. At their clinic, I had the opportunity to interact with many patients. All different kinds of people fascinated me and I was curious to know who the patients were, what problems they had, and how they were treated. When I first saw one of the patients’ tears, I began to realize how people felt when they lost their love ones.

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Both of my grandparents are members of a charity organization, which engages in disaster relief and community service. They served one of the poorest communities in southern part of China. They have always emphasized that their mission is to save as many lives as they can. They have never abandoned patients because of their financial problems. Under the positive influence of my grandparents, I have the great affection and respect for the entire health care profession. I love medical dosimetry because it is a rewarding and challenging career. A career that will allow me to battle cancer with my patients, to promote their wellness, and to make a meaningful difference in their lives.

Recently, my mother just had a tumor in the brain. She was told by her family doctor that no treatment is necessary because the tumor is benign and its growth is very limited. When I heard about the doctor’s decision, I was not very satisfied and I decided to talk to the doctor in person. After I began questioning the doctor and asked for a second opinion, she decided to abandon my mother and simply asked me to find a better doctor who could make a better decision. The doctor’s unethical practice of medicine astonished me for a long time, but I came to realize that not all people have the compassion and sympathy for a patient. Although I was very disappointed, I comforted myself thinking, “The doctor must not feel so good that day.” It is true that some health care providers do not provide the best quality of care; I have never changed my mind on my career in medical dosimetry because each of us has unique personal morality. In fact, my desire has grown stronger since then.

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I understand that entering medical dosimetry school is extremely competitive and challenging. With this in mind, I have continued to search for opportunities that would further prepare me to become more professional and responsible for taking care of patients. I also acquired the experience of working with a physician as the global medical team in our summer trip to poor countries. Our mission was to provide health care to underserved communities. I had the opportunity to learn some basic lifesaving skills such as performing CPR, and wound cleaning, all of which required professional skills and extensive responsibility. Most importantly, this teamwork experience not only enhanced my desire to help people but also better prepared me for my profession.

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Now I am ready to get professional training for medical dosimery. I wish I can get accepted into a prestigious school where I can have the best education and training. I have the outgoing personality, maturity, and most important of all, my unique experience, all of which will better prepare me for this exciting career.

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