Free «Reflect Briefly on Your Visit and the Best and Worst Parts of the Experience» Essay Paper

Reflect Briefly on Your Visit and the Best and Worst Parts of the Experience

People who has involved in training or teaching in any field have an account of ups and downs of their experience. Two weeks ago I prepared and planned for a visit to Watkins Recreation Centerin D.C. to teach fourth and fifth graders. The topic was running our business section. Personally, I experienced great moments while teaching the first graders. However, there were moments I had self doubt on my effectiveness and efficiency in impacting knowledge to the young students. These were moments when my students became too talkative and seemed uninterested. To add on this I had prepared for higher graders. This created a hard time for the first graders to understand my concepts.

I expected to teach fourth or fifth graders but I taught first graders. Initially I was grateful but the change made me temporally nervous. I doubted if first graders would really understand and like my lesson idea. I thought I would have difficulties managing them but I decide to be prepared and hoped for the best. I decided to integrate my artistic ability to ease my work and help them get my concept. I had wonderful moments with the first graders. They were cooperative and asked questions on ideas unclear to them.

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On evaluation of the exercise the students were happy and said they learnt from my presentation. This was a good experience through which I learnt to deal with and teach younger students. That day I ended up happy and I enjoyed teaching the first graders and I knew I had the best students. Thankfully the positive moments outshined the negative moments and I hope my students were inspired and benefited from the exercise.

During your lemonade day site visit, what surprised you about the experience? What did you expect and how was it different?

Lemonade Day is meant to teach kids financial, business and life skills to start a small business using lemonade stand. It natures their natural inventiveness, hustle and offers entrepreneurial lessons to them. It empowers their ownership, accountability, financing, planning, marketing, budgeting and serving people.

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In my visit to the Lemonade Day I was surprised by commendable business ideas in the kids. For example there were student working together packed supplies in ice chest and went from door to door selling. They had also put up signs on the highway by their home. Additionally, they had passed out fliers to houses on their streets the day before. They had neighbors and people in cars stop by to be served and they made more money. I expected the kids to simply carry out their activities from their stands.

Lemonade Day was an anticipated event with usual topic, this saw young kids showing concern in having their own stands. Surprisingly there were parents learning from other kids who had incredible startups entrepreneurial ideas. Additionally, many students showed their ability to share their knowledge comprehensively. They shared their ideas on how to open and manage a business with their follow students. I expected the adults to be resource persons to the kids.

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It was surprising that many kids portrayed entrepreneurial knowledge and future interest on the same. The students were committed to their activities and showed knowledge in planning, budgeting and pricing for their items.

I expected the students to fully rely on guidance and depend of their sponsor or facilitators. To my surprise many students were able to come up with initial business ideas and to implementation plan and management. Moreover, many students showed interest in a specific career. At the same time they proved determined to concurrently involve in entrepreneurship in future. This experience challenges my assumption of kids focusing only on their line of career.

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