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Week 5

A problem is anything that has a concise solution, while an issue is anything that raises enormous debate among individuals. It is worth noting that a problem and an issue relate in the sense that they entail conflicts and debates, and raise concern among individuals. However, an issue can be easily split into different problems that can be solved using simple questions. Harrison & Bramson (2002) opine that the solution to a problem can be undertaken easily by asking simple questions which may have clear answers. The problem would grow into an issue in case where individuals are not capable of finding an ideal solution to the questions asked. For instance, causing accidents through drunk-driving represents a problem that may become an issue if there is a demand to amend the drinking age among individuals. Thus, the overall difference is that a problem can be solved very easily, while an issue could take a longer time through a series of deliberations.

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Therefore, what strikes the main difference between a problem and an issue is the solution. According to Harrison & Bramson (2002), an issue can be solved before it even represents itself, but a problem, on the other hand, needs some thinking before getting a solution. The size of the matter at hand can also be used to differentiate the two. Notably, an issue tends to be smaller in that it does not present a degree of difficulty for one to figure out its impact; but on the other hand, a problem is larger in scale to the extent that it can alter one’s life temporarily or permanently. Additionally, an issue can cause annoyance, but a problem can affect people and situations around. Again, an issue can be handled privately, but a problem must be handled openly. An issue can cause harm, but a problem develops when harm comes on the surface.

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In my life, I have a problem of working for an unfair boss. My boss has a phobia of giving me more work to do, because I am new in the field though I seem to be more competent than the older employees are. Payment depends on the workload one can handle a day, and therefore with less workload that I am assigned, it means meager salary in the end month. This problem cannot be solved at once, because I need more time in the field, so that I can gain his confidence. I cannot just quit the job, because I need some cash to carry out my daily activities, such as paying rent, paying my sister’s fees, and assisting my parents financially. Quitting will create a negative impact both on me and on the dependants at large. Therefore, I have to bear with it and work together for a resolution.

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Financial challenge is the issue in my life. Human wants are recurrent, and this means I need more cash at my disposal to satisfy the needs. In the real sense, I cannot be able to satisfy all needs at once; therefore, I will have to allocate the amount that I have to the most important needs at a time. As time goes by, I will be trying to satisfy each of the needs as they rise. I cannot consider financial challenge as a problem, because some people own large deposits of cash in their bank accounts but still want to have more. Financial challenge is an issue, as it would take more time to fix but is just an annoyance, because I can know the solution as soon as I find it.

In conclusion, both problems and issues can be easily solved depending on how one knows how to distinguish between the two, identify each separately, and clearly express each one.

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