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Week 6

In the week 5 paper, the problem and issue identified are the unfair boss and financial challenges respectively. The writer complains that his employer is unfair since he does not trust his capability to handle a large amount of works on a daily basis. This affects the income of the writer since payments depend on the amount of work done. Additionally, he explains that his issue is financial challenges since needs are recurrent. Whenever he gets more money, there emerges other wants, and this is hard for him to get satisfied. This paper provides solutions for the weeks five writer problems and issues.

As noted above, the problem and issue of the writer is unfair boss and the financial challenges respectively. The writer has complained and explained that he does not have a solution on both cases. In solving this problem and issue, the conduction of the research will mainly base on interviews and the source of information would be the boss, the workmates of the complainer and the complainer himself. Firstly, to solve the problem, I will call for a meeting with the boss and the complainer. The aim of the meeting would be to confirm that the worker do not get more work despite the fact that he is experienced and has the potential. Moreover, the handling of the problem is public since that is the best mode of solving a problem. With both the complainer and the accused in the meeting, it would be easy to solve the problem since both of them would express themselves in turn. After settling on a final agreement, there would not be a blame game since both of them would have gotten a chance to explain themselves. However, on the issue of the writer, solving would be private. The complainer would provide information and tell the amount of money he gets. With all the information, I would be able to help him budget for his earnings.

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Solution making is a tricky part of anything that a person is involved. However, after identifying the problem, it would not be hard to come up with a solution that everybody favors. Notably, the solution would have to withstand other people. Consequently, the solution would have to involve discussions so that there is an agreement among the involved parties. During the discussion, there must be a chance for everyone to explain what they think is right and be implemented. Evidently, using this technique nobody would have a query afterwards.

After listening to both parties, the remaining part would be deciding on the final action. This is quite hard but also easy part. Decision-making on what should be done will depend with how both parties would benefit. This means that the final decision should not favor one of the parties. E.g., the problem of the complainer is that he gets less work. On the final decision, the employer must be satisfied that the complainer is qualified, and the complainer must start getting more work.

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In conclusion, this paper is providing solutions for the problem and issue of week 5. In week 5, the problem and issue were unfair boss and financial problems respectively. The complainer asserts that his boss does not assign him enough work making him earn less money. Additionally, his main issue is finance. The issue of finance emerges from the recurrent want. In order to solve this problem and issue, I use interviews, meetings and discussions the source of information being the worker and the boss. After this, the final decision is made, but this decision must favor both parties. This is to ensure that all of them withstand the decision.

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