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California Proposition 103

The California Proposition 103 was approved through the 1988 elections, as an initiated state statute meant to regulate and reshape the insurance industry within the state. It gave authority to an elected insurance commission to oversee and endorse ...

International Relations

Currently, the world is becoming fully dependent on the use of various Internet services. Internet links different devices, such as computers, smartphones, tablets, by sharing coded information. The Web is used to transfer the data to a number of ...

International Relations and the 9/11 Bombing

One of the events that have produced many explanations is the 9/11 US bombing, which saw the death of many innocent civilians. Unlike other events, the current one inflicted direct damage on the country in just one day. Some argue that American ...

Political Analysis

James Wilsons argues that economic regulations have their foundation on politics. He adds that even if a state develops and uses political power that is independent of economic power, independence can never be applied to the commercial regulations ...

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