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Career Counseling Theories

Counseling is evaluation and management of the person’s mental health that includes behavior and decisions. Competent counselors possess significant knowledge of therapeutic theories and apply them to the clients’ diverse problems. Cases ...

Processing Capacity and Selective Attention

Efficiency in selective attention is highly determined by a number of variations in cognitive and perpetual demand. In this regard, selective attention simply refers to a mechanism consisting of neural part of the body that is to a larger extent ...

Response Paper: Culture and Race

Culture is a broad term that generally describes the local context of a place or a community including its particularities. Seemingly, over time cultural resources have exerted significant influence on development at large. Therefore, this implies ...

The Development of the Early Childhood

Question# 1 The development of the early childhood consists of the growth or changes that occur during the life of a child from birth to adolescence. The process includes three sequences: the cognitive, physical, and emotional progression. These ... Testimonials

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