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Do Americans Support the Democracy?

The increase in the number of people who pass a frontier to live in the United States is a great challenge. First of all, this challenge concerns the state. However, the state fails to show its readiness to deal with this issue. Luckily, there are many people who eager to assist in making the lives of immigrants at least a little easier. In fact, volunteers do the work that the government is in charge of. In this difficult situation, the government should become more responsible and support the initiative of local population to make immigrants feel more comfortable when they arrive in the country.

Unfortunately, there are many people who disapprove the emergence of immigrants on the territory of their country. Moreover, some of them even hate the fact that this process occurs. Undoubtedly, many people would argue with this statement and say that it cannot be true. They would also add that all people are tolerant. However, it is time to admit that at least one person among anyone’s friends and acquaintances thinks that immigrants should not leave their countries. This person may not be harsh in his or her utterances, but the fact remains true. Some people believe that immigrants steal their jobs, which is more than absurd. When they cannot find the job, they imagine thousands of immigrants who have taking their earnings. However, they forget that, in most cases, immigrants have blue-collar jobs and receive the salary that seems insufficient or even undignified for Americans. Thus, it is very strange to listen to an individual who declares that he or she is out of work because of immigrants taking into account that this individual has rejected many offers because of being lazy. It is also surprising to hear from a person who has never even worked before that the government spends his or her taxes on immigrants.

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Every person who lives in the United States of America should realize how people live in the countries of Central America. Unfortunately, nowadays, young people are so engaged in social media that they do not have enough time to think about the rest of the world. Everybody is aware of the fact that an individual who lives in the United States knows for sure what tomorrow will bring for him or her. To the contrary, in Central America, people only care for today because it is useless to create plans in countries with no possibility to build a decent life: “These immigrants often arrive at the church in the same dirty clothes and worn shoes in which they journeyed” (“EDITORIAL: RGV, Not Feds, Taking Care of Immigrants Who Need Help”). Immigrants leave everything behind, though they do not have much to leave. They know that immigration will probably bring nothing good for them, but they hope that their children will have the opportunity to live happily. They hope that the developed country will give their children a chance to develop, study, and become someone important one day.

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Fortunately, there are people who are ready to participate in volunteering. Volunteers understand what immigrants go through when they try to leave their countries for a better life: “An army of local volunteers are working long hours to offer comfort — however brief — to a traumatized populous” (“EDITORIAL: RGV, Not Feds, Taking Care of Immigrants Who Need Help”). Thus, these people spend much time to do something good for the others. They keep doing it, though they have their own lives, families, jobs, and other activities. They deprive themselves of personal activities to the benefit of people who come from foreign countries, which is very honorable.

However, the state seems not to value the efforts of these people much. They are human beings: they get tired, get exhausted morally and physically, the flow of funds is also not eternal. It looks like people solve the problems that the country is supposed to solve: “Local volunteers and local governments are demonstrating to the world how to respond to what President Barack Obama called a humanitarian crisis” (“EDITORIAL: RGV, Not Feds, Taking Care of Immigrants Who Need Help”). These people prove to the whole world that the United States is a democratic country which is ready to support immigrants and, what is the most important, to respect them and their choice. It is not clear what the state is waiting for and why volunteers have to be in charge of so many lives.

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Of course, the fact that the budget of the country is not unlimited is understandable. The government plans the contributions to different spheres for a certain period of time. It is clear that taking money away from, for example, children who have cancer, is not the right way to deal with the issue of the increase in immigration. The current situation reveals the deficit, so next time the state should leave a certain amount of money in case the increase in immigration repeats in the future.

To conclude, although some people fail to realize the needs of those who are forced to leave their countries, there are many people who try to do everything possible and sometimes even impossible to facilitate the life of immigrants. Volunteers do believe in democracy, in equal rights, and in the fact that all people are equal and deserve to live a decent life no matter where they come from. The state should not only support volunteers but be more attentive to people who assert the democratic rights.

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