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In the contemporary mechanized world with a wide range of opportunities, more and more people are provided with possibilities to receive various information through locales, the number of which were enhanced due to the social networking sites. Nevertheless, such opportunities of obtaining information were not accessible until the establishment of the age of social networks, which had been preceded by Middle East classical media and interpersonal relations regulated by a government. Yet, undoubtedly, rapid development of social networking sites caused some kind of complication to government since it became impossible to manage an extremely large stream of information. In addition to this, people have demonstrated a high interest in informative advantages of social networking sites, and other different sources of receiving information, such as television channels, news agencies, and newspapers that has supported the realization of a need to create accounts as a center of communication, which has become an obvious opportunity to collaborate and maintain the contact with public.

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It should be noted that social networking sites have considerably influenced the development of events during the revolutions on the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) that has represented them as weighty and serious factor of illumination of social movements and similar important points throughout the world (Choudhary et al., 2012). It cannot be denied that social networking services are singled out to be a modern visual weapon directed against various diseases that infected society – iniquity, dictatorship, tyranny, as well as, unemployment and poverty. According to Joseph (2012), it has been observed an impetuous jump within the users of Facebook in MENA area, while in 2009, it has been counted 11.9 million consumers, in 2010, their number has increased to 21.3 million.

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The role of social networking sites in revolutions on the Middle East and North Africa was crucial because they had been a kind of arranger, both for organization of the street movements and assemblage of people on them. It should be kept in mind that the world witnessed the government’s suppression of protesters’ actions only due to the videos and photos, which had been placed through the social networking sites, and thus became accessible to the public. In addition, Jessica (2013) stated that social networking sites played a principal role in assistance of protesters in spreading the information of horror of massacres and killings they observed within the multinational community that affected people of the entire world and encouraged them to organize different mass meetings, which expressed their compassion to the events that took place.

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Due to the facts that have been highlighted above, an increasing number of inhabitants of Kuwait start to take advantage of social networking sites. According to Maarefi (2013), the distribution of social media, particularly the promotion of social networking sites, have been supported by Kuwait users of smart phones that can be found everywhere throughout the country. Social networking sites enjoy broad popularity within the citizens of Kuwait, who have identified an obvious benefit of communication and cooperation with close people, colleagues, and familiars by sharing different sorts of news and data. Zakria (2013) noted that contemporary Kuwaiti populace more confidently refers to social networks than to classic media sources when it comes to finding reliable and accurate information.

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Apart from this, Kuwait greatly contrasts with the countries that it borders with. Specifically, according to a constitution of Kuwait, each citizen of the country can freely express his or her thoughts, views, opinions, and the opportunity to organize independent marches. Moreover, it governs contacts between the sovereign and Kuwaiti populace. It should be noted that Kuwait has been in an unstable political situation since 2006. Furthermore, numerous social movements took place all over the country, starting at 2006 as a reflection of general public discontent with high levels of corruption in the ruling circles. It is undoubtedly that social networking sites have possessed a notable value during the events of nationwide grievance within Kuwait. For instance, the great impact of social networking sites on events of those days can be regarded in formation of several protests’ movements as Orange Movement in 2006, Storming Parliament in 2011, and Marches Dignity in 2012-2013. Therefore, social networking sites served as a useful engine for people by informing them of movements’ organization, as well as an incentive for active deeds and marches. Protestors also used social networking sites for sharing their thoughts and views on the corruption and outrageous wrongdoings of the government. In addition to this, most citizens of Kuwait became concerned about the political situation within the country, more than any other issue due to the wide access to information about social movements through social networking sites (Alfadhli & Alsaleh, 2012; Zakria, 2013).

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The beneficial aspects of social networking sites during the social movements in Kuwait are obvious. Thereby, the populace of Kuwait have been informed, given reason, and organized due to the access to social networking sites. Thus, its impact on the events of those days has become clearly visible and understood that demands to be academically investigated. Several studies that have touched the issue of the place of social networking sites within the social movements Kuwait in can be singled out. This research is concentrated on the role of social networking sites, especially Facebook and Twitter, their influence on the involvement of citizens of Kuwait into political situation within the country, and the way they have supported mobilization of a national protest.

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