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The article discusses the way children develop an attitude towards given products following advertisement. Thought the advertised products do not have any nutritive value, children develop a liking for them just because they have seen them on television. This shows how children develop an attitude towards a certain item without necessarily understanding the importance of a product (Centre for Advancement of Health, 2004, p.132). According to the article, the first impression created in one’s mind will go a long way in determining the attitude towards the item. Though little is known about the product from the TV adverts, children will go to the extent of asking their parents to buy it them. Advertising companies understand that targeting children will help increase their sales. Consequently, they make the particular products as attractive to the children as possible. Due to the increased exploitation of children by the adverts, there is a need to come up with policies aimed at protecting the young generation.

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According to the article, people also tend to target youths while advertising, because they know that youths usually lack sufficient information concerning the product. As a result, young people will tend to follow what the adverts say without questioning. While I was growing up, I was told that alcohol helps one relieve stress. Therefore, I have grown up having such a kind of attitude. More than often, I was tempted to take alcohol anytime I felt stressed. At the moment, I understand that alcohol does not take away my stresses but, on the contrary,  predisposes me to various malignancies. My attitude has changed after I became mature enough to be able to recognize what is good and bad without being influenced by adverts. Consequently, the level of alcohol intake has reduced tremendously as I have changed my attitude towards it.

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Abortion is the act of removing or expelling the fetus out of the uterus prematurely killing it during this process. It has been a subject of debate since time immemorial. People usually hold differing views when discussing the issue of abortion. There are those who perceive it as a malicious act that should not be given place in the modern world. However, there are still those who support the idea of abortion. Personally, I have changed my attitude concerning abortion.

As a child, I considered abortion as absolutely inhuman act. I thought that there was a need to make all efforts in order to curb this vice. What is more, I was sure that abortion was an intended killing of the unborn child that was not able to make decisions on its own. As a result, I viewed those advocating for abortion as morally evil in one way or another. I was of the opinion that since a woman accepted herself to get pregnant, there was no reason why she should change her mind and do abortion. Furthermore, the church I used to attend during my childhood was against abortion. We were taught that only God had the powers to take one’s life.

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With time, my attitude towards abortion has changed gradually. It happened due to the clear explanation of what abortion really means. Actually, my family, friends and media played a significant role in it. For now, I can advocate for abortion to some extent, because I know that there are situations when a woman has no other ways except of abortion. For example, if a woman got pregnant as a result of rape, the decision to keep pregnancy will be torturing her mentally during all further life. In addition, pregnant women, whose life is under threat caused by this pregnancy, should be allowed to abort.  

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