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OnStar Review

OnStar Corporation, a subsidiary of General Motors, an American multinational automotive corporation, provides subscriptions for the security of motorists, guidelines on navigation systems and remote diagnostics in the United States of America. Since it has good services to clients, it has developed a history of successful service provision based on the response of customers. Apart from this, it provides a variety of services and goods that cater to different customer preferences such as stolen car tracking, roadside assistance and automatic crash response. For this reason, it is widely used due to its good quality of goods and services it offers and most clients have developed a sense of loyalty for this company. OnStar has become an all-time favorite company for many individuals over the years because it ensures the satisfaction of customers. OnStar is an outstanding company, which offers quality and affordable services, has a good market reputation, caters for customers of all ages and social standards, and above all offers products and services that meet the needs and preferences of customers.

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OnStar advocates for quality services to customers and puts the needs of customers before anything else. It considers their expectations and has a range of different types of car provisions. It also provides a 24-hour security services against accidents and losses, meaning it not only protects the customers from danger but financially in terms of saving money during their expenses. It protects and keeps customers safe during operation of these vehicles even in cases of careless driving or accidents. I was recently involved in a car accident, when I hit an animal that darted out across the road. With the convenience of having OnStar in my vehicle, I was able to contact them just by pushing the blue OnStar button, which comes installed on the rear view mirror of the vehicle. At the push of a button, I was able to inform them of the accident. Had it not been for this wonderful company and its outstanding services, I would have had to do all of the calling and notifying on my own, in the dark. With OnStar, I was able to have them do everything for me very quickly, while I sat safely in my vehicle with the doors locked, and keeping them on the line with me for safety reasons. They were able to identify my location within seconds, and they dispatched the police and a tow truck to the scene. Since they already had all of my information on file, they contacted my insurance company for me to report to them exactly what had happened. This is because they took responsibility for me, their customer and did not condemn me for my mistakes. With such an attitude, it is much easier than it is for other companies to reach a wider market with their products and services because their services are appealing to many individuals in the market including investors and consumers.

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OnStar has developed a good market reputation over the years. When I first used OnStar services and goods, I was not expecting a high performance from them. This is because of the failures I had experienced with other companies and so like before, I expected poor services or to encounter a mistake or fault. One example of this was when I had a membership with a motor club. I was driving down the expressway and I blew a tire while I was driving. I called the motor club to report my incident and they told me that they would have someone out to help me within twenty minutes. I sat there for an hour and nobody had showed up yet to assist me. I called back once more and it turned out that the driver that was supposed to come out and help me was unable to find my location, and the dispatch department forgot to notify me of it. With OnStar and their extraordinary GPS system, they are able to identify your location while they are on the line with you. This way there is never any doubt of their drivers finding you. It is a great piece of mind. The OnStar staff said they had services, which catered for the security of my car not only in their premises, but also in whenever I was driving to or from. True to their word, their services were excellent, and from that point, OnStar has been my choice whenever I needed car services. This means their services went beyond my expectations in terms of excellence in giving service.

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OnStar caters for customers of all ages and social standards. It does not discriminate on which groups of customers bring in the most profits and which groups bring in the least. To the staff, all their customers are valued equally, be it an average or wealthy. Therefore, OnStar has won the respect of many in the public hence encouraging positive response from most people. This way, OnStar can keep up with the competition in the market, because the staff knows the secret to success, which is offering unique quality service to all customers. Apart from this, OnStar provides products and services that can be used by all age groups, from the young to the old, and have been in use for many years now. It has positive attributes such as preventing unnecessary losses and accidents in the market unlike other motor companies, which often leave one with the responsibility of servicing his or her car on their own, in case of accidents or thefts.OnStar is a company that does all that a motor company should do, and much more including offering services that only insurance companies should offer. That makes it unique, which allows it to stand out in the financial market, this way maintaining a stable financial system.

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OnStar also offers products and services that meet the needs and preferences of customers. The management and the staff of OnStar have created vast awareness of their product and services. This is by rebranding them and giving them in different packages in a way that it appeals to new customers who are not aware of their products, for example, product and service packaging from time to time to curb competition in the market. This has also been enhanced by the regular advertisement through the media, sales promotions, and offers to existing customers. The product and service packaging is also very attractive and easily identifiable for different customer preferences, therefore, helps the products and services to market them easily. The product is produced in sufficient qualities, to match the vast growing market demand. Pricing of the products and services is fair and affordable to all incoming groups of customers, mainly the high, middle and low income earners.

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In conclusion, OnStar stands out as one of the companies that meet targets and customer’s expectation in the market. For this reason, customers would prefer to use the services and products offered by OnStar because of the good and presentable reputation it has built over the years based on general performance in the market and customer product/services relationship it has built with many individuals. This means that different customers are able to identify and relate with their products and services in their own terms because whatever kind of service is offered, all customers have their expectations met. I would recommend others who do not know about OnStar, to try their services and products because they will find a sense of satisfaction only with OnStar motor company. In addition to this, driving would no longer be intimidating or difficult because one will have the confidence to drive to any destination and distance with OnStar services only a call away. [Juanita, what are your insights about OnStar Corporation, in general? Please write them before your essay ends to let your readers know the importance of this paper.]

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